Welcome Home, Tuesday Elisabeth

This past Christmas Eve was nothing short of magical! The weeks leading up to Christmas were grim, with many unwanted surprises with Reborn Daddy and I's new home and simply ugly weather..however things looked so much brighter for the holidays and I couldn't be more thankful. Thanks to Mary Kate of Hill Country Reborn Tots, I have a beautiful new toddler girl to welcome into my reborn doll family! Keep reading for more details.

I'm Reborn Toddler Expecting!

Happy Monday, dolly lovers!

I know I haven't been around much, but I have good reason. If you've been keeping up with my vlog posts on my new channel DollieLoveTV, you know all about it. Things have been a bit stressful, but I still have so much to smile and be grateful for- so that's what I am going to do! Thank you all for your continued support and love, I don't know what I'd do without you all.

The Christmas holiday is right around the corner and you can feel the spirit of giving and merriment in the air. People are (usually) nicer and in happier moods around this time; don't we wish it could last all year? I am not one to expect gifts and I do not need them to feel loved, but this holiday season I am expecting one huge present that I honestly thought I'd never get...a new reborn toddler! Once she is home, I will go into more detail about her, her artist and how she came to be a part of my reborn family, but for now I will get straight to the WIP (Work In Progress) pictures.

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