Dollie Nursery Plans

Nursery decor inspiration from Project Nursery

As things fall in to place with the purchase of our new home, I am getting less anxious/nervous and more excited about what's in store for the future (both for life with Reborn Daddy and plans for DollieLovex3). One thing I am definitely looking forward to is creating a doll nursery! Having a safe place to store and display my dolls and all of their clothes is really important to me and I am so glad I have a loving husband-to-be who understands how much joy this hobby brings me. So, what plans do I have for the doll nursery? Keep reading to find out!

DollieLovex3 Reaches 38K Subscribers!

I wanted to take the time to give everyone who follows me on social media a big, warm THANK YOU! I don't believe I have ever posted about my milestones on YouTube, but believe me when I say I celebrate each an every one of them. I never thought, when I created this channel that it would reach to the heights it has today and I owe it all to you guys! Sharing my doll hobby with other collectors online has been such a rewarding experience and I just wanted to say thank you.

I look forward to seeing where we go to in the future!

Polly Pocket, Shopkins, and Vintage Toys

Image Source: La Vie Mini

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I have been slowly working my way through the hiatus that I last mentioned. Although, I am not ready to start posting YouTube videos again just yet, I have been working behind the scenes to make my online space awesome for when I do! If you take a look around the blog, you will notice that it has gotten a face lift in design. I really love this gray and baby pink color scheme with marble texture. It will tie into the big plans I have for DollieLovex3 in the coming year. I hope you all love the new look and are excited for what's to come as I am.

Today, I wanted to talk about a few new things that have hit the toy scene in the last month or so. I am usually not one to keep up with the toy trends, but this one sparked my interest. I was recently browsing in Wal-Mart (namely the My Life Doll items, that surprisingly enough, work well for my big headed Blythe babies) and I came across thew new and improved Polly Pocket. Who remembers Polly Pocket from the early 90's?! It was one of my favorite mini play sets to pass the time with. The cute pastel colors always drew me in as well as the details and hidden spaces in the overall design. I decided to investigate this new Polly Pocket and let me just tell you...

Blythe #3 Alisa Dolls Land

My beautiful, stylish girl Melanie! Welcome home :)

It's almost the weekend and who doesn't love that? The weekends are my one chance out of the week to rest, relax, and play with dolls of course. This weekend though, I look forward to spending time with Reborn Daddy at the New Orleans Museum of Art's Japan Fest and catching a movie to see the new Marvel film Venom. With everything going on in the home buying process, this break is much needed for us both!

More good news to make my weekend sweeter is the fact that Melanie arrived from Russia yesterday! I am so happy she made it home safely. Her doll customizer artist, Irina, is such a sweet person and packaged her with lots of love and care. I was blown away at all the detailed extras she included with my custom Blythe doll.

Update: Hiatus

Hey Dollie lovers!

If you have been keeping up with my posts on Instagram (@dollielovex3), you know my reasoning for being away from YouTube and most social media outlets. This first time home-buying process is very time consuming and emotionally/physically draining. For now, I think my best option to take small break or hiatus, away from creating content right now.