Lily & Bon Bon's First Outing & Photoshoot

Lily and BonBon on the bridge at the Jambalaya Park. 

In order to relieve stress and get out of the house, I decided to take Lily and B.B out to the park. The Jambalaya Park in my home city is one of my favorite places to go to walk, enjoy beautiful scenery and just relax. I wish I had more opportunity to go; instead of passing out asleep from tiredness. I hope to be able to take the reborn babies out to the park by the end of the year as well..but that's another topic.

Update: YouTube and more

A new Blythe baby is soon to join my little family :) Keep reading to learn more about her.

Happy Friday doll lovers!

A lot has been going on in my personal life as of late so you may have noticed my inactivity between YouTube and Instagram. I have also posted a couple of dolls from my personal collection for sale. Trinity has been sold and is quite comfy with her new reborn Mommy. I also posted Truett for sale, but ultimately decided to take her listing down. I love Trudy dearly, as she was a gift from my Mom. I wouldn't have posted her for sale if it wasn't of financial importance.

Blythe #2 by Mia's Daydream

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know how much excitement I have had over adding my second Blythe to my growing Blythe collection. In my previous post, I briefly spoke on this new girl I had adopted. Well, she is now here! Welcome to the family, Bon Bon!

Review: PrettyBomb on Etsy

My most recent purchase from PrettyBomb on Etsy. The cute skirt and hair clip were FREE extras!

Happy Monday, Dollie lovers!

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite Blythe clothing shops called PrettyBomb on Etsy. This has been one of very few shops I have purchased items from, but I am very pleased with the quality of the items and the service!

Blythe #1 by DollyPunk21

My first custom Blythe and all her goodies by Sue Churchill of DollyPunk21

It's Tuesday. The start of a new week is underway after the long Labor Day weekend. I was happy to catch up on some rest as well as looks forward to new dolls in the mail! This past weekend my first Blythe doll to start my collection has arrived! I have decided to name her Lily Bloom. Yes, that name was nowhere on the list in my previous post. Ha! She decided on her own name once she arrived :)