My Blythe Collection quickly grows!

A Sweet Treats themed Blythe by Customizer, Sabina of Mia's Daydream

Happy Thursday, Dollie lovers!

I am so glad the weekend is only one more day away. I haven't been feeling so well this week and I'm sure the rest will do me some good. In spite of, I have a lot to be excited about.. I am expecting another Blythe baby for my Blythe doll collection!

Update: Doll Collection Changes

Bye-bye, sweet Trinity! She not long ago made her 2 year birthday :)

What's up!

In the last few days, my doll collection has underwent a few changes and I thought I'd talk about it now. Every time I create an update video, I never post it on time; so here is the best source for updates as they happen! Life has been keeping me quite busy, but I it's all good/positive things, so I am happy about that.

Buying My First Blythe Doll!

I currently have one reborn doll from my personal collection for sale. Please view THIS PAGE for details!

My new Blythe girl! She hasn't a name just yet, but soon she will! Artist is Susan Churchill of DollyPunk21 on Etsy.

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that my last post was all about my new found obsession with Blythe dolls. I am happy to announce that I have finally went through the process of choosing the right girl for me and purchasing my very first one. YAY! A lot of my doll friends on Facebook had questions about this kind of doll, or knew little information about it but had seen these works of art in passing online. I thought I'd document my little journey here, so everyone could know how my experience with Blythe started and took off. Investing a sum of money in collectible dolls can be a daunting task if you want to explore a new type of doll, so hopefully my post can help others out. :)

Blythe: A New Dolly Obsession

Happy Hump Day, Dollie lovers!

I haven't posted in awhile and I thought now was a good time as I have something to chat about! In the last couple of weeks, I got the opportunity to see and interact with a Blythe doll! Back in 2016 I adopted my first Pullip dolls, and even though they are beautifully fashioned with sparkling eyes, I was very disappointed with the quality of their bodies. They were quite fragile and not the size I anticipated them to be. Since then, I had interest in Blythe dolls, but I never took the plunge to purchase as I didn't want to be disappointed again!

Bullying in Hobby Communities

**Update Cat of Doll Life has since taken down her video at the time of this blog post.**

I've been thinking about the subject of bullying for a long time. I've often touched on it in posts talking about doll ethnicity/disabilities and even about being a Youtuber, but today I wanted to address it full on. I recently watched this video posted by ball jointed doll collector, Cat (Doll Life). Her story is so heartbreaking, yet one I've seen many times before. The saddest part is that it is becoming more and more common that people within hobby communities, are being bullied online and in real life. Yes, I know it is important to discuss bullying as a whole, towards all people/children. However, today I wanted to talk about bullying in terms of adults (specifically) in non-mainstream hobby communities.

The thing that bothers me most about being the subject of other people's unsolicited "advice", non-constructive criticism, and straight up hatred, is that these negative energies are often coming from people right in the community of your hobby. Let that sink in. Is it not enough to be judged and made fun of by people who aren't in the hobby of dolls? People, you expect to get trash talk from because they just don't understand and never make the effort to? That is one thing to deal with, and most often expected. What's not expected, is that you would receive hate from people who understand your interests in a hobby and yet, they still treat you as an outcast. This makes no sense! Being in a non-mainstream hobby has always been special to me. It's like being a part of a secret club or organization. Only a certain type of person with a niche for that hobby will fully thrive in it. It's even more beautiful to know that you're not some kind of weirdo and other people enjoy the same things you do! Best of all, usually these communities of hobbyists are supportive. We uplift each other, we stand by one another when the outside world is getting to be too much. We know each other by name and are apart of each other's lives through sharing videos, photos, and more. To have the hatred of those who are supposed to be like you constantly baring down on you is not cool. It's not OK to be the bully and it's not OK to be the recipient of bullying.

I used to think these issues only existed in the Reborn Doll Community. As I branch out in my interests/hobbies, I find that this issue exists more commonly in other communities than I ever imagined. Take Lolita Fashion, for example. I found out about this Japanese street fashion trend when I attended an anime/Japanese entertainment convention one year. I was instantly enthralled with the pretty nature of the fashion and how versatile it was. My passion for it slowly died down after discovering this fashion is hard to maintain on a budget and with a plus sized body. However, the tipping point was the criticism and "fashion snobs" that seemed to rule the internet and the local gatherings of Lolita fashion enthusiasts in my area. I made a new friend at this convention who was also interested in Lolita. She had experienced so much ridicule and hatred from women in this hobby that it completely changed her interest for it. Now, she associates this hobby with ugly souled beings in pretty frilly clothes. It's just not fair; it's not OK.

I've also experienced bullying in the Gaming Community. Especially those who live stream on the platform Twitch. Big celebrities and small town hopefuls alike are victims of constant bullying, harassment, and even physical violence! It just boggles my mind, that someone who shares my interest could possibly hate me...and for no good reason! My fiancé is in the gaming community and I worry for him always. That his popularity will grow in his community and he will be an even bigger target for people's ignorance. Yet, sometimes our passions and joy from them outweighs the negativity and I can agree to that. Nothing anyone could say would make me change my mind about collecting dolls.