Baby Fever: Breaking my adoption rules?

Just when I think I am bringing my reborn doll collection to a close and completion, here comes a cute new doll sculpt that I fall for (like the new Bountiful Baby Realborn Joseph 3 Month size), or a ready-to-adopt reborn that catches my eye on Instagram! Geesh! I may as well stop telling myself the lie that my doll collection is complete *LOL* I will always be a doll fan and always want more of them.

Paradise Galleries: Doll Clothing Sizes

Hello, dollie lovers!

Today I will be discussing baby clothing sizes for the Paradise Galleries doll Baby Bundles. One of the most enjoyable things about collecting reborn dolls (and any doll, in general) is accessorizing and finding clothing for them! I am here to help take the guess work out of that! My Paradise Galleries Baby Bundle is the Princess doll. You can purchase her on PG's website here. Take advantage of their 3 payment plan option and don't forget to use my 20% OFF coupon code DOLLIELOVE. Who doesn't like to save money?! OK, let's get on to the clothing!

Reborn Doll Alternatives: Paradise Galleries!

I have had this doll blog since 2016 and it has never occurred to me to create a series of posts on reborn doll alternatives. A lot of parents would love to gift their child a reborn doll, but just can't swing the price tag (or need the gift soon and can't wait for a reborn doll to be created). Over the next few months I plan to post reviews and doll alternatives (hopefully paired with giveaways!) In this post I am going to talk about one reborn doll alternative that you may enjoy - Paradise Galleries! Subscribe to my YouTube channel DOLLIELOVEX3 for an unboxing and review of this doll by Paradise Galleries Bundle Baby The Princess Has Arrived.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I do hope that all of you in the reborn dollie community have a safe celebration. This year, I decided to dress four of my reborn dolls for the occasion. My wardrobe collection has slimmed down considerably over the years, so not all of the rebabies have something to wear, but Tabitha, Tapanga, Truett, and Trevor do! All of these outfits were from my swap with Janae of J & J Reborn Babies back in May. Thank you so much! Janae is such a sweet heart and also the lovely artist of my preemie cuddle baby, Trace.