Review: Artist Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery

Hello! Welcome to my new little series of Reborn Artist Reviews. In these posts, you will find detailed experiences of my time working with custom reborn doll artists. I aim to make these reviews informative, helpful and to highlight all the important points that go into deciding which reborn doll artist is right for you.

*Note* You can make your experience with a reborn artist as pleasant as possible,  by being as detailed in your request and patient as a customer. When contacting a reborn doll artist, know ahead of time what you are interested in purchasing, such as a specific doll sculpt, the skin tone and hair options that you want. Being as informed as possible about what you want makes the process much smoother. All that will be left to ask your artist is how much the cost, if there are payment plan options and to process time for your little reborn bundle to be born!

Today's review will be featuring artist Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery!

The love bug strikes again!

GabbyGail by Claire Taylor (silicone version) | Photo Credits Claire Taylor Dolls

If you've been checking out my YouTube channel and Instagram, you are familiar with the woes surrounding my new reborn baby, Trevor and his process. It has been stressful to say in the least and even though this is a dream reborn doll for my collection, the fun and excitement of it has literally been sucked away.  Today, my package with the painted doll sculpt is supposed to arrive, but based on the inaccuracy of the USPS postal system's tracking information, I seriously doubt that is likely. It just adds even more stress and annoyance to the entire experience. I have asked those in the reborn doll community who follow me and watch my channel, if they'd care to know how my experience was with Trevor's artist and a lot said Yes. I do feel to believe, it is important to know what to expect when working with certain artists, but I also am not one to start drama. I honestly wish someone would have told me their experience with this artist when I first had Trinity LaClaire made. We shall see...I will be posting about it here, as well as YouTube. In the meantime, this is the only photo of Trevor that I have before he was 100% complete. The artist did not provide any final photos upon full completion. He is so beautiful and I honestly hope he is everything I wanted once he arrives.

But..on to the real reason for this post (and the photo above!) Can you believe, I am already thinking of my next reborn doll? This was a surprise to me as well, but it seems this sculpt is popping up more and more on my radar. The beautifully sculpted GabyGail Asleep by Claire Taylor has the most amazing facial features that I think would look fantastic with an African American or biracial skin tone. At the moment, I am torn between having a dark skin AA boy reborn with curly dark hair, or a biracial skin tone girl with curly red or light hair. All versions of this reborn doll sculpt are breathtaking and so very cute! This sculpt is also Limited edition 500, so I kinda want to make a decision soon.

GabbyGail by Claire Taylor (silicone version) | Photo Credits Claire Taylor Dolls

Of course, at the moment, there is no real room for an 8th reborn doll, without having to part with one first. I have always had a disconnect with Tatiana Lacey, even though she seems to be a fan favorite on my YouTube channel. A reborn Mom in the community has already showed a deep interest in adopting her and I will be honored for her to go home to this sweet woman. I'm pretty sure I will be sending Tati off, if I decide to go forth with a new reborn baby. Finding an artist is the absolute worst situation to be in right now, but luckily I have a good and solid recommendation from my friend Leah in the reborn community. She has recommended Cindy Denhert of Dolls So Beautiful as a highly respected and professional reborn artist who specializes in ethnic dolls. Leah has already had her GabbyGail done by Cindy, and I am in absolute love with him!

GabbyGail by Claire Taylor (silicone version) | Photo Credits Claire Taylor Dolls

I wasted no time in contacting Cindy (mind you, this was in January) and her price range and payment options are what I was in search of and can afford. My conversations with her were always friendly and professional. She says her process is (at the moment) 12 weeks. Which is fine by me as I like to be well informed. At this point, I just need to know what I want my reborn baby to look like, before I make any final decisions!

Work In Progress by Cindy Denhert (GabbyGail sculpt by Claire Taylor)

When Reborn Collecting Goes Wrong

It's Monday, and from the title of this post I suppose you can imagine, I am not in the best of spirits! This past week of #adultlife have been so hectic and filled with worry. It is so nice to come home and have a relaxing, stress free and therapeutic hobby to come home too. I greatly enjoy sitting in a quite room, changing my reborn dolls or just holding them.