What's Your Type: Reborn Doll Collectors

Hey dollie lovers! I hope you readers are having a lovely day. I recently received a comment on one of my YouTube videos and it got me thinking about the different types of reborn doll collectors. Not every doll is the same...and neither is its owner! From my observation of the online reborn doll community, I have seen these different types of doll hobbyists. Please note, that no one doll collector is different..we are all the same in our love and adoration for reborn dolls. It's our differences that make us unique!

The General Doll Lover
Doll collectors in this category have most often loved dolls from childhood! The intrigue and fascination with these vinyl, silicone, resin, or porcelain works of art has never diminished, but but grew strong as adulthood set on. This doll collector finds time to learn more about not only their specific doll hobby of reborn dolls, but other types of dolls as well like ball jointed dolls, clay dolls, or even handmade knitted dolls. Overtime, this type of collector may have a small collection of different types of dolls, but at least one of these doll types is their favorite! Personally, this is where I fit in!

The Showcase Collector
If there is an extravagant, one of a kind and very limited edition doll on the market, this collector must have it! Most often than not, this type of collector is able to budget for higher priced dolls and keep them securely displayed for those to admire in their home, studio, or specialized antique business. Surprisingly, the showcase buyer is quite modest and prefers to enjoy their collection relatively solo.

The Prized Possession Collector 
Who said collectors had to have several dolls, in order to be classified as a part of the community!? The prized possession collector is quite content with having just one or two dolls in their collection. This type of collector enjoys their dolls more when the number of dolls to care for is limited; as not to take up space or clutter. These collectors are very bonded to their dolls and trading/selling them is never an easy task.

The Generation Doll Collector
Have you ever came across a doll collector who prides her collection on the fact that it was passed down to her from her mother and grandmother? This is the Generation Doll Collector. This collector, like the General Doll Lover, may also have several types of dolls but also has a favorite!

The Artist / Collector Hybrid
This person not only collects reborn dolls, but creates them as well! The artist/collector hybrid may be partial to collecting their own works, or the reborn artwork of other artists as well.

The Therapeutic / Wellness Collector
The therapeutic/wellness collector has found their way to the reborn doll hobby, by the recommendation of a caring friend, family member or even therapist/psychologist to help ease anxiety, depression, or other mental health/physical health ailments. The task of  taking time out for yourself and enjoying your dolls is calming, soothing, and generally lowers stress levels for this collector (and other collectors as well!) This type of collector can also be any of the other four collectors previously mentioned in combination. Women who are interested in memorializing their lost child's memory with a collectible doll, or to celebrate the memory of a now adult child, also fit into this category and can be any combination with the previously four mentioned collectors.

For now, these are the main types of collectors that I have come across! Can you think of any others? What type of collector or combination of collectors do you think you are? I'd love to know!

Happy News: Reborn Baby Lucky #7

Life has been an emotional roller coaster lately for me, but I am so grateful I have those that I have met in the reborn doll hobby, to cheer me up and push me going with their positive vibes. Thank you! I announced a week or so ago my happy news on Instagram, and just realized, that I hadn't announced it on my blog. My little collection is growing +1 with reborn baby #7! If you remember, back in September for my 5th year anniversary celebration, my fiancé gifted me the Evelyn sculpt by Cassie Brace. I even did a reborn doll size comparison video between Elyse and Evelyn for those who do not have the sculpts and were curious on how they measured up. I am so thrilled to have this special baby being reborn!

Lucky #7 will be a boy! I bet you can hardly believe it with all of my girl babies :) I have been saving the reborn boy spot for a special sculpt, as none had caught my eye until Evelyn came along. I will also let you know that the talented Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery will be the artist in bringing my brown skinned boy to life. He will arrived to me in painted kit form, so I will have the pleasure of bonding with him and putting him together. He will come with rooted lashes, but as a bald baby. I always enjoy Jody's artist work prior to rooting of hair, so I do not mind his baldness. In the future, I may send the head off for rooted hair, but it is not a priority at the moment.

I have been having fun catching great sales on baby boy clothing at Walmart, Target, and Carter's. The winter season items are going out of style as they make room for summer lines; great timing for me! I've been able to build this baby's wardrobe with pieces from $3-7 and not break the bank! At the moment, I have not landed on a name yet, but here are the ones I have on my list:

I hope to have my mind made up once the artist is ready to send WIP or finalized photos of him, so I can make my announcement! Middle name ideas I have are: Joseph, James, Anthony, Gregory, and Kingsley.

What's new for DollieLovex3?

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

Over the last few weeks I have been giving it a lot of thought as to how DollieLovex3 YouTube channel can change for the better. As you may know, YouTube has made a lot of changes in regards to advertising and helping channels (like mine!) gain money from sharing the content we love and are passionate about. When I began my channel in 2015, I had a goal to create a little money from uploading videos of my hobby as well as sharing my love of dolls with others in hopes of meeting new friends. However, I never thought this venture could actually be seen as a source of vital income for me. Looking back, I actually wished I was smarter about this and not so...nonchalant. I was just having fun! But now, I find myself relying more on the income I get from my channel...who doesn't want to get paid for doing what they love?!

Since YouTube has been making changes, I too, should make changes to only better my channel brand and best please my audience! How can I do that? What do viewers want to see? I already know the answer to most of my questions; sadly I just can't fulfill any promises. I have decided, however, to  start doing VLOG videos! I feel like video logs are a good way to stay engaged with my viewers and actually give people a chance to get to know me, outside of my hobby! I am hoping this is a good move and people will actually want to see them. I had planned to upload VLOGs to my main channel...but depending on the topics, I am not certain any longer if I should split them between a personal channel and my main doll channel. They two seem so disconnected right now, and I am still figuring out how to bridge the gap.

In any case, here is my first VLOG video; the sneaux day southern Louisiana had! <3

Happy New Year! 2018 Collection Update

(From L to R: Taping, Tehya, Trinity, Tatiana, Truett, and Trace)

Happy New Year, everyone! (Is it too late to say that?!) I am so blessed and thankful to bring in the new year with the ones I loved; which of course includes YOU! This past year, my YouTube channel of reborn doll collecting and my love for this hobby has grown tremendously. I have been through bumps along the road, but you all have been so sweet, supportive, and always have a kind word for my dolls and I..Thank You! I hope you all had a safe and joyous New Year celebration and are ready to turn over a new leaf for 2018.

So, what does that mean for DollieLovex3? As always, I am aim to continue making YouTube videos and posts on Instagram. This year, I will not stress over the quantity, but the quality of my videos. If I do not enjoy what I am doing, I can tire pretty quickly. So I am just going to have fun! Do any of you have any 2018 reborn doll collection goals? I know, one single wish I hope will come true this year is to have my reborn baby BOY sculpt completed. If you remember, back in September, my sweet husband-to-be gifted me the Evelyn by Cassie Brace sculpt as an anniversary gift. Oh how I love that face! I have been saving him for a special spot in my collection as the only baby boy. This year, I plan to make a lot of things happen in my off-camera life, like purchasing a new car and hopefully moving into my own apartment. These things are very exciting but costly, so I will have to watching where my money goes more carefully; and more often than not, that means my reborn hobby will take a break. However, it is just my wish that I hope will come true.

In the meantime, I am very happy with where my reborn doll collection is, currently! I was blessed in 2017 to be able to add another dream baby; a toddler girl! Tapanga Mallory is such a joy to have; I never thought I'd own her. :) I have finally been able to gather up my rebabies and have a family photoshoot. This is the first time they have all been together! I will also be doing a reborn baby size comparison update video; as now we have Tapanga to add to the rest and really get a see of how these dolls measure up, side-by-side.

2018 Reborn Doll Collection

Tehya Cassidy - Elliot by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery

Trinity Michelle - Easton by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery

Tatiana Lacey - Maizie by Andrea Arcello
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery

Trace Wade - Realborn Thomas Asleep by Bountiful Baby
Artist: Janae Avery of J & J Babies

Truett Michelle - Elyse by Cassie Brace
Artist: Cat Johnson of Cat Creations Reborns

Tapanga Mallory - Ariana by Reva Schick/ Katie Marie by Ann Timmerman
Artist: Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies