Welcome Home, Tuesday Elisabeth

This past Christmas Eve was nothing short of magical! The weeks leading up to Christmas were grim, with many unwanted surprises with Reborn Daddy and I's new home and simply ugly weather..however things looked so much brighter for the holidays and I couldn't be more thankful. Thanks to Mary Kate of Hill Country Reborn Tots, I have a beautiful new toddler girl to welcome into my reborn doll family! Keep reading for more details.

I'm Reborn Toddler Expecting!

Happy Monday, dolly lovers!

I know I haven't been around much, but I have good reason. If you've been keeping up with my vlog posts on my new channel DollieLoveTV, you know all about it. Things have been a bit stressful, but I still have so much to smile and be grateful for- so that's what I am going to do! Thank you all for your continued support and love, I don't know what I'd do without you all.

The Christmas holiday is right around the corner and you can feel the spirit of giving and merriment in the air. People are (usually) nicer and in happier moods around this time; don't we wish it could last all year? I am not one to expect gifts and I do not need them to feel loved, but this holiday season I am expecting one huge present that I honestly thought I'd never get...a new reborn toddler! Once she is home, I will go into more detail about her, her artist and how she came to be a part of my reborn family, but for now I will get straight to the WIP (Work In Progress) pictures.

Follow me on Instagram for frequent updates and photos..plus a name reveal this week! (So if you're reading this, now you know Lol)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you little turkeys out there! Despite our new-home woes that we have been vlogging about, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. God has saw my family and I through several storms and continues to bless us each day. I encourage you all to count your blessings before you stuff your faces full of yummy food today and to remember the good and positive in your life on every day.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday, everyone!

Update: The Big Move

Happy Friday, dollie lovers! Let me first say, I am so very sorry for my absence from YouTube and other social media outlets. I have missed everyone a bunch during this time away. As you know, from my big announcement a couple weeks ago, Reborn Daddy and I are new home owners! We couldn't be more excited. With this new adventure comes a lot of work and responsibility though, which is the reason for me being away.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been moving, moving, MOVING! I quickly realized my fiancé had a lot more personal items than I did (he is the ultimate collector!) As of yesterday, we were able to wrap up the last boxes of his belongings and move them across town to our new home. My belongings? Eh, I still have some more items to retrieve...including Tapanga and Tabitha; my two toddler girls. The moving process has taken us a little while as we are the only ones putting in the legwork. Not only that, but both of us are swamped at work and often have to stay later than our allotted work shift. We've both been pretty worn out from things, but hopefully by years end things will have calmed down and fallen into a routine.

Another setback that we did not plan on, were home repairs. I won't go into too much detail (as I will save that whole shebang for the blog channel!) but in short, our brand new flooring was water damaged due to improper appliance installers from the merchandise we ordered. Needless to say I hit the roof, but there will be more on that later. A small setback for a big comeback! I am trying to stay positive 'cause there is still alot to be thankful for.

I hope to be getting back to you all soon! Miss and love you.

New Vlog Channel: DollieLoveTV

Happy November 1st, everyone! What better way to start a fresh new month than to debut my latest project DollieLoveTV. I have been thinking about starting a vlog channel for awhile now and this is the perfect time to do it. With moving into the new house I am sure there will be many little adventures I'd want to document on camera. Why not bring my reborn doll friends along for the journey?!

Previously, this channel featured makeup tutorials, wig reviews, and plus size fashion topics. I have so many different interests, but I don't want to cut anything out. I want my subscribers to really get to know me more. I will slowly be introducing new beauty videos on my vlog channel, but I thought it'd a great beginning to start with our Empty House Tour. That video is live now and you can view it here. Please subscribe to my new vlog channel and click the notification bell so you won't miss out on future videos!

Dollie Nursery Plans

Nursery decor inspiration from Project Nursery

As things fall in to place with the purchase of our new home, I am getting less anxious/nervous and more excited about what's in store for the future (both for life with Reborn Daddy and plans for DollieLovex3). One thing I am definitely looking forward to is creating a doll nursery! Having a safe place to store and display my dolls and all of their clothes is really important to me and I am so glad I have a loving husband-to-be who understands how much joy this hobby brings me. So, what plans do I have for the doll nursery? Keep reading to find out!

DollieLovex3 Reaches 38K Subscribers!

I wanted to take the time to give everyone who follows me on social media a big, warm THANK YOU! I don't believe I have ever posted about my milestones on YouTube, but believe me when I say I celebrate each an every one of them. I never thought, when I created this channel that it would reach to the heights it has today and I owe it all to you guys! Sharing my doll hobby with other collectors online has been such a rewarding experience and I just wanted to say thank you.

I look forward to seeing where we go to in the future!

Polly Pocket, Shopkins, and Vintage Toys

Image Source: La Vie Mini

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I have been slowly working my way through the hiatus that I last mentioned. Although, I am not ready to start posting YouTube videos again just yet, I have been working behind the scenes to make my online space awesome for when I do! If you take a look around the blog, you will notice that it has gotten a face lift in design. I really love this gray and baby pink color scheme with marble texture. It will tie into the big plans I have for DollieLovex3 in the coming year. I hope you all love the new look and are excited for what's to come as I am.

Today, I wanted to talk about a few new things that have hit the toy scene in the last month or so. I am usually not one to keep up with the toy trends, but this one sparked my interest. I was recently browsing in Wal-Mart (namely the My Life Doll items, that surprisingly enough, work well for my big headed Blythe babies) and I came across thew new and improved Polly Pocket. Who remembers Polly Pocket from the early 90's?! It was one of my favorite mini play sets to pass the time with. The cute pastel colors always drew me in as well as the details and hidden spaces in the overall design. I decided to investigate this new Polly Pocket and let me just tell you...

Blythe #3 Alisa Dolls Land

My beautiful, stylish girl Melanie! Welcome home :)

It's almost the weekend and who doesn't love that? The weekends are my one chance out of the week to rest, relax, and play with dolls of course. This weekend though, I look forward to spending time with Reborn Daddy at the New Orleans Museum of Art's Japan Fest and catching a movie to see the new Marvel film Venom. With everything going on in the home buying process, this break is much needed for us both!

More good news to make my weekend sweeter is the fact that Melanie arrived from Russia yesterday! I am so happy she made it home safely. Her doll customizer artist, Irina, is such a sweet person and packaged her with lots of love and care. I was blown away at all the detailed extras she included with my custom Blythe doll.

Update: Hiatus

Hey Dollie lovers!

If you have been keeping up with my posts on Instagram (@dollielovex3), you know my reasoning for being away from YouTube and most social media outlets. This first time home-buying process is very time consuming and emotionally/physically draining. For now, I think my best option to take small break or hiatus, away from creating content right now.

Lily & Bon Bon's First Outing & Photoshoot

Lily and BonBon on the bridge at the Jambalaya Park. 

In order to relieve stress and get out of the house, I decided to take Lily and B.B out to the park. The Jambalaya Park in my home city is one of my favorite places to go to walk, enjoy beautiful scenery and just relax. I wish I had more opportunity to go; instead of passing out asleep from tiredness. I hope to be able to take the reborn babies out to the park by the end of the year as well..but that's another topic.

Update: YouTube and more

A new Blythe baby is soon to join my little family :) Keep reading to learn more about her.

Happy Friday doll lovers!

A lot has been going on in my personal life as of late so you may have noticed my inactivity between YouTube and Instagram. I have also posted a couple of dolls from my personal collection for sale. Trinity has been sold and is quite comfy with her new reborn Mommy. I also posted Truett for sale, but ultimately decided to take her listing down. I love Trudy dearly, as she was a gift from my Mom. I wouldn't have posted her for sale if it wasn't of financial importance.

Blythe #2 by Mia's Daydream

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know how much excitement I have had over adding my second Blythe to my growing Blythe collection. In my previous post, I briefly spoke on this new girl I had adopted. Well, she is now here! Welcome to the family, Bon Bon!

Review: PrettyBomb on Etsy

My most recent purchase from PrettyBomb on Etsy. The cute skirt and hair clip were FREE extras!

Happy Monday, Dollie lovers!

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite Blythe clothing shops called PrettyBomb on Etsy. This has been one of very few shops I have purchased items from, but I am very pleased with the quality of the items and the service!

Blythe #1 by DollyPunk21

My first custom Blythe and all her goodies by Sue Churchill of DollyPunk21

It's Tuesday. The start of a new week is underway after the long Labor Day weekend. I was happy to catch up on some rest as well as looks forward to new dolls in the mail! This past weekend my first Blythe doll to start my collection has arrived! I have decided to name her Lily Bloom. Yes, that name was nowhere on the list in my previous post. Ha! She decided on her own name once she arrived :)

My Blythe Collection quickly grows!

A Sweet Treats themed Blythe by Customizer, Sabina of Mia's Daydream

Happy Thursday, Dollie lovers!

I am so glad the weekend is only one more day away. I haven't been feeling so well this week and I'm sure the rest will do me some good. In spite of, I have a lot to be excited about.. I am expecting another Blythe baby for my Blythe doll collection!

Update: Doll Collection Changes

Bye-bye, sweet Trinity! She not long ago made her 2 year birthday :)

What's up!

In the last few days, my doll collection has underwent a few changes and I thought I'd talk about it now. Every time I create an update video, I never post it on time; so here is the best source for updates as they happen! Life has been keeping me quite busy, but I it's all good/positive things, so I am happy about that.

Buying My First Blythe Doll!

I currently have one reborn doll from my personal collection for sale. Please view THIS PAGE for details!

My new Blythe girl! She hasn't a name just yet, but soon she will! Artist is Susan Churchill of DollyPunk21 on Etsy.

If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that my last post was all about my new found obsession with Blythe dolls. I am happy to announce that I have finally went through the process of choosing the right girl for me and purchasing my very first one. YAY! A lot of my doll friends on Facebook had questions about this kind of doll, or knew little information about it but had seen these works of art in passing online. I thought I'd document my little journey here, so everyone could know how my experience with Blythe started and took off. Investing a sum of money in collectible dolls can be a daunting task if you want to explore a new type of doll, so hopefully my post can help others out. :)

Blythe: A New Dolly Obsession

Happy Hump Day, Dollie lovers!

I haven't posted in awhile and I thought now was a good time as I have something to chat about! In the last couple of weeks, I got the opportunity to see and interact with a Blythe doll! Back in 2016 I adopted my first Pullip dolls, and even though they are beautifully fashioned with sparkling eyes, I was very disappointed with the quality of their bodies. They were quite fragile and not the size I anticipated them to be. Since then, I had interest in Blythe dolls, but I never took the plunge to purchase as I didn't want to be disappointed again!

Bullying in Hobby Communities

**Update Cat of Doll Life has since taken down her video at the time of this blog post.**

I've been thinking about the subject of bullying for a long time. I've often touched on it in posts talking about doll ethnicity/disabilities and even about being a Youtuber, but today I wanted to address it full on. I recently watched this video posted by ball jointed doll collector, Cat (Doll Life). Her story is so heartbreaking, yet one I've seen many times before. The saddest part is that it is becoming more and more common that people within hobby communities, are being bullied online and in real life. Yes, I know it is important to discuss bullying as a whole, towards all people/children. However, today I wanted to talk about bullying in terms of adults (specifically) in non-mainstream hobby communities.

The thing that bothers me most about being the subject of other people's unsolicited "advice", non-constructive criticism, and straight up hatred, is that these negative energies are often coming from people right in the community of your hobby. Let that sink in. Is it not enough to be judged and made fun of by people who aren't in the hobby of dolls? People, you expect to get trash talk from because they just don't understand and never make the effort to? That is one thing to deal with, and most often expected. What's not expected, is that you would receive hate from people who understand your interests in a hobby and yet, they still treat you as an outcast. This makes no sense! Being in a non-mainstream hobby has always been special to me. It's like being a part of a secret club or organization. Only a certain type of person with a niche for that hobby will fully thrive in it. It's even more beautiful to know that you're not some kind of weirdo and other people enjoy the same things you do! Best of all, usually these communities of hobbyists are supportive. We uplift each other, we stand by one another when the outside world is getting to be too much. We know each other by name and are apart of each other's lives through sharing videos, photos, and more. To have the hatred of those who are supposed to be like you constantly baring down on you is not cool. It's not OK to be the bully and it's not OK to be the recipient of bullying.

I used to think these issues only existed in the Reborn Doll Community. As I branch out in my interests/hobbies, I find that this issue exists more commonly in other communities than I ever imagined. Take Lolita Fashion, for example. I found out about this Japanese street fashion trend when I attended an anime/Japanese entertainment convention one year. I was instantly enthralled with the pretty nature of the fashion and how versatile it was. My passion for it slowly died down after discovering this fashion is hard to maintain on a budget and with a plus sized body. However, the tipping point was the criticism and "fashion snobs" that seemed to rule the internet and the local gatherings of Lolita fashion enthusiasts in my area. I made a new friend at this convention who was also interested in Lolita. She had experienced so much ridicule and hatred from women in this hobby that it completely changed her interest for it. Now, she associates this hobby with ugly souled beings in pretty frilly clothes. It's just not fair; it's not OK.

I've also experienced bullying in the Gaming Community. Especially those who live stream on the platform Twitch. Big celebrities and small town hopefuls alike are victims of constant bullying, harassment, and even physical violence! It just boggles my mind, that someone who shares my interest could possibly hate me...and for no good reason! My fiancé is in the gaming community and I worry for him always. That his popularity will grow in his community and he will be an even bigger target for people's ignorance. Yet, sometimes our passions and joy from them outweighs the negativity and I can agree to that. Nothing anyone could say would make me change my mind about collecting dolls.

Baby Fever: Breaking my adoption rules?

Just when I think I am bringing my reborn doll collection to a close and completion, here comes a cute new doll sculpt that I fall for (like the new Bountiful Baby Realborn Joseph 3 Month size), or a ready-to-adopt reborn that catches my eye on Instagram! Geesh! I may as well stop telling myself the lie that my doll collection is complete *LOL* I will always be a doll fan and always want more of them.

Paradise Galleries: Doll Clothing Sizes

Hello, dollie lovers!

Today I will be discussing baby clothing sizes for the Paradise Galleries doll Baby Bundles. One of the most enjoyable things about collecting reborn dolls (and any doll, in general) is accessorizing and finding clothing for them! I am here to help take the guess work out of that! My Paradise Galleries Baby Bundle is the Princess doll. You can purchase her on PG's website here. Take advantage of their 3 payment plan option and don't forget to use my 20% OFF coupon code DOLLIELOVE. Who doesn't like to save money?! OK, let's get on to the clothing!

Reborn Doll Alternatives: Paradise Galleries!

I have had this doll blog since 2016 and it has never occurred to me to create a series of posts on reborn doll alternatives. A lot of parents would love to gift their child a reborn doll, but just can't swing the price tag (or need the gift soon and can't wait for a reborn doll to be created). Over the next few months I plan to post reviews and doll alternatives (hopefully paired with giveaways!) In this post I am going to talk about one reborn doll alternative that you may enjoy - Paradise Galleries! Subscribe to my YouTube channel DOLLIELOVEX3 for an unboxing and review of this doll by Paradise Galleries Bundle Baby The Princess Has Arrived.

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I do hope that all of you in the reborn dollie community have a safe celebration. This year, I decided to dress four of my reborn dolls for the occasion. My wardrobe collection has slimmed down considerably over the years, so not all of the rebabies have something to wear, but Tabitha, Tapanga, Truett, and Trevor do! All of these outfits were from my swap with Janae of J & J Reborn Babies back in May. Thank you so much! Janae is such a sweet heart and also the lovely artist of my preemie cuddle baby, Trace.

Doll Ethnicity and Disabilities in the Reborn Doll Community

Every day, there is an example of the evil and ill-will of others being demonstrated in the world. It is in every newspaper, every television broadcast and the most talked about topic on the radio airwaves. However, the reborn doll hobby is a place for me to come and have fun. To forget about pressing issues, if just for a moment. A community where I can chat with other individuals and be united by a common interest, no matter what my skin color is or what my religious and political stances are. So, I thought.

All around us it seems the world has divided. To be frank, the world has been divided. I won't get into the details of how the world became that way, but the issue is that over centuries of humans evolving and growing in technological advances, we as a human race, still have not learned anything in regards for loving one another. We are still divided and growing farther apart each year. I would have never guessed some of this ignorance worming it's way into the reborn doll community.  Nevertheless, there are instances where it happens. I think it happens more frequently than I care to admit, but recently I notice it happening to me and those doll collectors who I follow on social media, more.

Remember when I first had plans to bring my vision of Tehya Cassidy to "life"? It was just after an incident on social media where someone was parading around with photos of my dolls, supposedly for sale. My idea for Tehya was to capture uniqueness. Babies are such beautiful things and each one of them is unique. I wanted Tehya to have a special birthmark and thanks to my very talented doll artist (Markita Booker), so she did! Tehya came home with a port wine stain birthmark over her left eye and forehead area. It is one of the most distinguishing things about her and it sets her apart from a lot of other dolls made from Michelle Fagan's six month sized Elliot sculpt. My family and friends adored her and for the most part, followers on social media welcomed her into the community as well. BUT like with any "new" concept, there came plenty of questions. I was prepared for this. What I wasn't prepared for was the ugliness of the world to seep into such a happy-go-lucky hobby. There were a lot of people (and not just underaged kids on YouTube) who had such ugly things to say about something so simple as a doll. Why is not my doll appreciated for what it is? After all, there are real children born to look this way...I am only mimicking what God has allowed humans to be like? So what is so wrong with that?

My most recent, and definitely most baffling, incident in regards to reborn dolls is the concept of ethnicity or race. First of all, since when does a doll, an inanimate object, required to identify (like a human) with any particular ethnicity? Yes, it is always nice to have dolls that "look like you", but does that in fact make it the same ethnicity as you? No. It's a doll. It only is portrayed as one way or another, because of who owns the doll. With that concept in mind, I will outright say that all of the dolls in my collection are multiracial. This means, in my mind, they are any combination of Asian, Latina, European, Carribean or African decent! A commentator on one of my latest videos of Tabitha Mei-Ling was in regards to her name.

Why does she have a name if neither you or the doll is of Asian origin?

Is that really necessary? Let's take my name, TAMARA, for instance. With a bit of Google search you will find that is a name of Russian decent (as well as Hebrew). I am (to my knowledge) of African ethnicity and American nationality. Does that mean, I cannot have the name Tamara? Is it not a beautiful name for a black girl to have? Is it a name only reserved for Russian girls? Come on, people! And further more, who is to say that my portrayal of Tabitha isn't of Asian decent? Nobody asked...

A few months ago, I came across a video by Tori's Reborn Babies (featured at the top of this post!) In her video she explains her reasoning for wanting her doll to be portrayed as a blind child. Now, there are many, many types of role play that collectors do with their dolls. Some collectors even portray the arrival of their new reborn doll as actually being pregnant and although it isn't something I personally would do, I see no issue with it! It isn't harming anyone and it's purely for entertainment. Tori has a great reason for portraying her reborn toddler as a blind child, but even if she didn't have a reason..does she really need one? Are their not real blind toddlers in the world? My limits are reached at the point of role play when a doll may have a terminal illness, such as cancer. However, their freedom to role-play in that ways, is theirs! It is a depiction of real life. Maybe that person has experienced this and is using their doll role-play to heal an emotional wound. You cannot be so quick to judge and assume anything.

Why is the world so judgmental, rude, and exclusive of each other's cultures? I just don't get it.

My first handmade doll dress!

Happy weekend! If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I am a craft loving person! My latest endeavor since 2017 was learning how to sew. Thanks to my loving fiancé gifting me a sewing machine for Valentine's Day last year, I was able to make some of my crafting passions come true. Ultimately, I'd love to gain enough experience to make reborn baby doll clothing and sell them! For now, I am still learning and experimenting with different patterns/techniques. For awhile, I have been shying away. Sewing patterns intimidate me so much and seem so complicated, but recently I came across a dress design that I decided to give a try. I felt confident enough that yes, I could complete this successfully and I was right! This weekend, I made little Ling a pillowcase dress. If you're interested in creating one of your own, you can check out the tutorial I followed by Sew Like My Mom.

Welcome Home Tabitha Mei-Ling!

It is almost the weekend and I honestly can't wait! I hope to get a chance to bond and spend time playing with my newest little reborn toddler, Tabitha Mei-Ling! If you follow my doll gang on Instagram, you are already aware of the name choices I had selected. Although everyone was in favorite of Tia, I ultimately went with the runner up name Tabitha. I felt it went along best with my choice of Mei-Ling for a middle name. Welcome home, Tabitha Mei-Ling! I am so glad she is here with me and is definitely a forever baby for my collection. I am forever grateful for Ms. Billie's kind soul and generosity. Also, today is Ms. Billie's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you lots!

Happy News: An unexpected delivery

Happy Monday!

It has been awhile since I posted on the blog, so today I thought I'd share my latest happy news with you all, before I make any announcements via Instagram or YouTube. As always, I reveal my reborn secrets here first, since I know not many view this blog. So, you are the first to know! *giggles*

Taking my reborn dolls out in public

Since Tapanga, and now little Tj's, arrival I have been thinking a lot about taking them out in public on a little trip. My first idea is to take them to the local park. The park in my city is one of my favorite (and most beautiful) places to take good photos. The scenery is nice and environment relatively relaxing and serene, even when there are families there. I've been collecting dolls for quite awhile, but something is different now than before when I got my very first doll and wanted to take her everywhere. What's changed? Keep reading if you want to find out!

Review: Artist Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery

Hello! Welcome to my new little series of Reborn Artist Reviews. In these posts, you will find detailed experiences of my time working with custom reborn doll artists. I aim to make these reviews informative, helpful and to highlight all the important points that go into deciding which reborn doll artist is right for you.

*Note* You can make your experience with a reborn artist as pleasant as possible,  by being as detailed in your request and patient as a customer. When contacting a reborn doll artist, know ahead of time what you are interested in purchasing, such as a specific doll sculpt, the skin tone and hair options that you want. Being as informed as possible about what you want makes the process much smoother. All that will be left to ask your artist is how much the cost, if there are payment plan options and to process time for your little reborn bundle to be born!

Today's review will be featuring artist Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery!

The love bug strikes again!

GabbyGail by Claire Taylor (silicone version) | Photo Credits Claire Taylor Dolls

If you've been checking out my YouTube channel and Instagram, you are familiar with the woes surrounding my new reborn baby, Trevor and his process. It has been stressful to say in the least and even though this is a dream reborn doll for my collection, the fun and excitement of it has literally been sucked away.  Today, my package with the painted doll sculpt is supposed to arrive, but based on the inaccuracy of the USPS postal system's tracking information, I seriously doubt that is likely. It just adds even more stress and annoyance to the entire experience. I have asked those in the reborn doll community who follow me and watch my channel, if they'd care to know how my experience was with Trevor's artist and a lot said Yes. I do feel to believe, it is important to know what to expect when working with certain artists, but I also am not one to start drama. I honestly wish someone would have told me their experience with this artist when I first had Trinity LaClaire made. We shall see...I will be posting about it here, as well as YouTube. In the meantime, this is the only photo of Trevor that I have before he was 100% complete. The artist did not provide any final photos upon full completion. He is so beautiful and I honestly hope he is everything I wanted once he arrives.

But..on to the real reason for this post (and the photo above!) Can you believe, I am already thinking of my next reborn doll? This was a surprise to me as well, but it seems this sculpt is popping up more and more on my radar. The beautifully sculpted GabyGail Asleep by Claire Taylor has the most amazing facial features that I think would look fantastic with an African American or biracial skin tone. At the moment, I am torn between having a dark skin AA boy reborn with curly dark hair, or a biracial skin tone girl with curly red or light hair. All versions of this reborn doll sculpt are breathtaking and so very cute! This sculpt is also Limited edition 500, so I kinda want to make a decision soon.

GabbyGail by Claire Taylor (silicone version) | Photo Credits Claire Taylor Dolls

Of course, at the moment, there is no real room for an 8th reborn doll, without having to part with one first. I have always had a disconnect with Tatiana Lacey, even though she seems to be a fan favorite on my YouTube channel. A reborn Mom in the community has already showed a deep interest in adopting her and I will be honored for her to go home to this sweet woman. I'm pretty sure I will be sending Tati off, if I decide to go forth with a new reborn baby. Finding an artist is the absolute worst situation to be in right now, but luckily I have a good and solid recommendation from my friend Leah in the reborn community. She has recommended Cindy Denhert of Dolls So Beautiful as a highly respected and professional reborn artist who specializes in ethnic dolls. Leah has already had her GabbyGail done by Cindy, and I am in absolute love with him!

GabbyGail by Claire Taylor (silicone version) | Photo Credits Claire Taylor Dolls

I wasted no time in contacting Cindy (mind you, this was in January) and her price range and payment options are what I was in search of and can afford. My conversations with her were always friendly and professional. She says her process is (at the moment) 12 weeks. Which is fine by me as I like to be well informed. At this point, I just need to know what I want my reborn baby to look like, before I make any final decisions!

Work In Progress by Cindy Denhert (GabbyGail sculpt by Claire Taylor)

When Reborn Collecting Goes Wrong

It's Monday, and from the title of this post I suppose you can imagine, I am not in the best of spirits! This past week of #adultlife have been so hectic and filled with worry. It is so nice to come home and have a relaxing, stress free and therapeutic hobby to come home too. I greatly enjoy sitting in a quite room, changing my reborn dolls or just holding them.

What's Your Type: Reborn Doll Collectors

Hey dollie lovers! I hope you readers are having a lovely day. I recently received a comment on one of my YouTube videos and it got me thinking about the different types of reborn doll collectors. Not every doll is the same...and neither is its owner! From my observation of the online reborn doll community, I have seen these different types of doll hobbyists. Please note, that no one doll collector is different..we are all the same in our love and adoration for reborn dolls. It's our differences that make us unique!

The General Doll Lover
Doll collectors in this category have most often loved dolls from childhood! The intrigue and fascination with these vinyl, silicone, resin, or porcelain works of art has never diminished, but but grew strong as adulthood set on. This doll collector finds time to learn more about not only their specific doll hobby of reborn dolls, but other types of dolls as well like ball jointed dolls, clay dolls, or even handmade knitted dolls. Overtime, this type of collector may have a small collection of different types of dolls, but at least one of these doll types is their favorite! Personally, this is where I fit in!

The Showcase Collector
If there is an extravagant, one of a kind and very limited edition doll on the market, this collector must have it! Most often than not, this type of collector is able to budget for higher priced dolls and keep them securely displayed for those to admire in their home, studio, or specialized antique business. Surprisingly, the showcase buyer is quite modest and prefers to enjoy their collection relatively solo.

The Prized Possession Collector 
Who said collectors had to have several dolls, in order to be classified as a part of the community!? The prized possession collector is quite content with having just one or two dolls in their collection. This type of collector enjoys their dolls more when the number of dolls to care for is limited; as not to take up space or clutter. These collectors are very bonded to their dolls and trading/selling them is never an easy task.

The Generation Doll Collector
Have you ever came across a doll collector who prides her collection on the fact that it was passed down to her from her mother and grandmother? This is the Generation Doll Collector. This collector, like the General Doll Lover, may also have several types of dolls but also has a favorite!

The Artist / Collector Hybrid
This person not only collects reborn dolls, but creates them as well! The artist/collector hybrid may be partial to collecting their own works, or the reborn artwork of other artists as well.

The Therapeutic / Wellness Collector
The therapeutic/wellness collector has found their way to the reborn doll hobby, by the recommendation of a caring friend, family member or even therapist/psychologist to help ease anxiety, depression, or other mental health/physical health ailments. The task of  taking time out for yourself and enjoying your dolls is calming, soothing, and generally lowers stress levels for this collector (and other collectors as well!) This type of collector can also be any of the other four collectors previously mentioned in combination. Women who are interested in memorializing their lost child's memory with a collectible doll, or to celebrate the memory of a now adult child, also fit into this category and can be any combination with the previously four mentioned collectors.

For now, these are the main types of collectors that I have come across! Can you think of any others? What type of collector or combination of collectors do you think you are? I'd love to know!

Happy News: Reborn Baby Lucky #7

Life has been an emotional roller coaster lately for me, but I am so grateful I have those that I have met in the reborn doll hobby, to cheer me up and push me going with their positive vibes. Thank you! I announced a week or so ago my happy news on Instagram, and just realized, that I hadn't announced it on my blog. My little collection is growing +1 with reborn baby #7! If you remember, back in September for my 5th year anniversary celebration, my fiancé gifted me the Evelyn sculpt by Cassie Brace. I even did a reborn doll size comparison video between Elyse and Evelyn for those who do not have the sculpts and were curious on how they measured up. I am so thrilled to have this special baby being reborn!

Lucky #7 will be a boy! I bet you can hardly believe it with all of my girl babies :) I have been saving the reborn boy spot for a special sculpt, as none had caught my eye until Evelyn came along. I will also let you know that the talented Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery will be the artist in bringing my brown skinned boy to life. He will arrived to me in painted kit form, so I will have the pleasure of bonding with him and putting him together. He will come with rooted lashes, but as a bald baby. I always enjoy Jody's artist work prior to rooting of hair, so I do not mind his baldness. In the future, I may send the head off for rooted hair, but it is not a priority at the moment.

I have been having fun catching great sales on baby boy clothing at Walmart, Target, and Carter's. The winter season items are going out of style as they make room for summer lines; great timing for me! I've been able to build this baby's wardrobe with pieces from $3-7 and not break the bank! At the moment, I have not landed on a name yet, but here are the ones I have on my list:

I hope to have my mind made up once the artist is ready to send WIP or finalized photos of him, so I can make my announcement! Middle name ideas I have are: Joseph, James, Anthony, Gregory, and Kingsley.

What's new for DollieLovex3?

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

Over the last few weeks I have been giving it a lot of thought as to how DollieLovex3 YouTube channel can change for the better. As you may know, YouTube has made a lot of changes in regards to advertising and helping channels (like mine!) gain money from sharing the content we love and are passionate about. When I began my channel in 2015, I had a goal to create a little money from uploading videos of my hobby as well as sharing my love of dolls with others in hopes of meeting new friends. However, I never thought this venture could actually be seen as a source of vital income for me. Looking back, I actually wished I was smarter about this and not so...nonchalant. I was just having fun! But now, I find myself relying more on the income I get from my channel...who doesn't want to get paid for doing what they love?!

Since YouTube has been making changes, I too, should make changes to only better my channel brand and best please my audience! How can I do that? What do viewers want to see? I already know the answer to most of my questions; sadly I just can't fulfill any promises. I have decided, however, to  start doing VLOG videos! I feel like video logs are a good way to stay engaged with my viewers and actually give people a chance to get to know me, outside of my hobby! I am hoping this is a good move and people will actually want to see them. I had planned to upload VLOGs to my main channel...but depending on the topics, I am not certain any longer if I should split them between a personal channel and my main doll channel. They two seem so disconnected right now, and I am still figuring out how to bridge the gap.

In any case, here is my first VLOG video; the sneaux day southern Louisiana had! <3

Happy New Year! 2018 Collection Update

(From L to R: Taping, Tehya, Trinity, Tatiana, Truett, and Trace)

Happy New Year, everyone! (Is it too late to say that?!) I am so blessed and thankful to bring in the new year with the ones I loved; which of course includes YOU! This past year, my YouTube channel of reborn doll collecting and my love for this hobby has grown tremendously. I have been through bumps along the road, but you all have been so sweet, supportive, and always have a kind word for my dolls and I..Thank You! I hope you all had a safe and joyous New Year celebration and are ready to turn over a new leaf for 2018.

So, what does that mean for DollieLovex3? As always, I am aim to continue making YouTube videos and posts on Instagram. This year, I will not stress over the quantity, but the quality of my videos. If I do not enjoy what I am doing, I can tire pretty quickly. So I am just going to have fun! Do any of you have any 2018 reborn doll collection goals? I know, one single wish I hope will come true this year is to have my reborn baby BOY sculpt completed. If you remember, back in September, my sweet husband-to-be gifted me the Evelyn by Cassie Brace sculpt as an anniversary gift. Oh how I love that face! I have been saving him for a special spot in my collection as the only baby boy. This year, I plan to make a lot of things happen in my off-camera life, like purchasing a new car and hopefully moving into my own apartment. These things are very exciting but costly, so I will have to watching where my money goes more carefully; and more often than not, that means my reborn hobby will take a break. However, it is just my wish that I hope will come true.

In the meantime, I am very happy with where my reborn doll collection is, currently! I was blessed in 2017 to be able to add another dream baby; a toddler girl! Tapanga Mallory is such a joy to have; I never thought I'd own her. :) I have finally been able to gather up my rebabies and have a family photoshoot. This is the first time they have all been together! I will also be doing a reborn baby size comparison update video; as now we have Tapanga to add to the rest and really get a see of how these dolls measure up, side-by-side.

2018 Reborn Doll Collection

Tehya Cassidy - Elliot by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery

Trinity Michelle - Easton by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery

Tatiana Lacey - Maizie by Andrea Arcello
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery

Trace Wade - Realborn Thomas Asleep by Bountiful Baby
Artist: Janae Avery of J & J Babies

Truett Michelle - Elyse by Cassie Brace
Artist: Cat Johnson of Cat Creations Reborns

Tapanga Mallory - Ariana by Reva Schick/ Katie Marie by Ann Timmerman
Artist: Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies