Fancy Christmas Wear OOTD

This week, Tapanga had her very first reborn outing! It was a unique experience, as we weren't meeting up with doll collector friends, but she was going to work with me. Of course, I had to get this rare occurrence on camera and the video will be posted to my youtube channel very soon.

Outfit of the Day: Tapanga in Pink!

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I just realized that I haven't posted an Outfit of the Day post in quite some time. I remember doing them a lot when I first started this blog, and I want to get back into the habit of doing that. Not a lot of the time I film every outfit changing (especially for a new reborn baby..when you're changing them a lot!) This way, I have photos of every cute outfit! This also gives me a catalog of sorts to go back to, when I'm picking out future outfits.

Happy Birthday, Tamara!


It's my birthday!

Today, I make 29 years old! Wow! That's almost scary haha. I am so grateful for God allowing me to see another year of life and experience more and reach more goals. In celebration of my birthday, I have posted the long awaited Reborn Daddy Question & Answer  video! You all know that we have tried to film this video on at least two other occasions, having technical difficulties with both attempts. How crazy is that?! Reborn daddy decided to turn the camera on (me; unknowingly) and film the video for you all! Thank you so much to my loving husband-to-be for putting up with my doll shenanigans. I love you! I hope you all enjoy the video and get a laugh :)