Welcome Home Tapanga!

I have been dieting to get this video uploaded for everyone, the day after Tapanga arrived! Due to a few technical issues, I was delayed. However, here is Tapanga's box opening video! She is going on night number two that she has been home with me and I couldn't be happier. Most of the day I am at work since she arrived during the work week, but once I get home I get a chance to cuddle, play, and make videos. I can't wait until life slows down enough where I can take her to the park for a really nice photoshoot and outing. Thank you to Mrs. Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies for such a beautiful doll!

Artist Photoshoot: Tapanga Mallory!

I am back from the blessing that was Thanksgiving holiday! I had a great time in the company of my loved ones and lots of yummy food! The day before, I also received an update from Ms. Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies on the progress of little Tapanga. Her beautiful new grey eyes had arrived in the mail...and I couldn't be happier! To my surprise, Ms. Fann also packaged her up and shipped her off Wednesday..WOW that's fast! Due to the holiday bringing mail carriage to a halt, I do have to await her arrival today..Monday!

Work In Progress & Name Reveal!

Happy Monday, Dollie lovers!

Today, I thought I'd update readers on the current progress of my toddler girl, as well as reveal her name! I was so happy to finally break the news via Instagram this weekend on my reborn expectations. I am always happy for other members in the doll community when a new member of their reborn family is about to join; it makes me happy to see everyone is just as excited as I am about MY new addition. I recently revealed the news on Facebook today.

Now, is as good a time as any to reveal her special name! I can stop referring to her as my toddler girl and welcome her as...

I have had this name reserved for years! It fits perfectly with my "T baby name" trend and it is unique. If you are familiar with the popular 90's TV show Boy Meets World, the main character Topanga, that is where  I got the idea from. Now, on to the update!

As of lately, I had been feeling conflicted over the overall look of Tapanga's eye color. Kory Fann has been a dream to work with. She is so sweet, patient, and goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied. She has went out of her way to take several extra photos for me of varying eye colors on Tapanga's face, so I can get as much of an idea of the overall look. Ultimately I wasn't completely happy with the eye colors available, so Kory found the color I was looking for online from a supplier. She placed an order, and now we just await the new eyes to come in! I'm super excited how she has been coming along. Here is how she looks with the varying eye colors; so ignore the mismatched look (even though, to me, she still looks cute even with two different eyes)

I am very happy with how my special request for freckles panned out. Kory didn't hesitate on this addition and I am so glad! They look so natural and very sweet on her face.

In the left photo dark blue eyes are used; the right photo has light blue and hazel green. Upon seeing her freckles the first time, I loved them so much I requested more of them!

These were the available eye color choices that would fit Tapanga's eye sockets. Although all of them are beautiful (especially light blue!!) I really wanted a medium grey color. Ms. Kory found these from her supplier! I am very happy with the look of these eyes and the realism they have. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are just as beautiful once Tapanga tries them on!

Overall, I am super excited to see her all put together with her beautiful hair. Stay tuned for the next update! I don't plan on doing updates like these on Instagram, so if you read my blog, you're in for a treat. I can't wait to post her final photoshoot on Insta!

Please Read!

I am always happy to help those who are looking to get started in the hobby of reborn doll collecting! Collecting dolls has grown to be a real passion of mine, and I don't feel as if finding that perfect doll for your, or the artist to create it, should be a secret! With that being said, I am only a helper. Please, read the following before you decide to contact me. I'd hate for you to be disappointed in my response!

DollieLovex3 is not a reborn doll artist.
I am a graphic design artist, by profession, however I am not a reborn doll artist. I wish I were able to offer these services, but I do not. I am only a reborn doll collector, sharing my knowledge on the hobby through the experiences I've had over the last 8 years of collecting these dolls. I am not able to take any custom reborn doll orders, so please stop inquiring about it. You cannot purchase a Tatiana Lacey doll from me. These dolls are were custom made for me by an artist and not mass produced for marketing.

None of my doll collection is for sale.
Please, stop (rudely) requesting that I send my reborn dolls to you for free or asking me to sell them. If, at any time, I felt the need to sell my reborn dolls, everyone would know about it! As of now, none of my reborn dolls are for sale. I also, do not plan to host any giveaways for a free reborn doll at this time. These specialized collectable dolls are very expensive; giving one away for free is just not in my budget at the moment.

Reborn dolls are not for children!
I have been asked many times by parents in search of "affordable/cheap" reborn dolls for their child's birthday or an upcoming holiday. The short answer is, reborn dolls are not cheap and none of them are suitable for children. If you are wanting a doll for your child that costs less than $100, I suggest looking into purchasing Ashton Drake dolls. They are beautifully crafted dolls that are a step-up from basic store-bought dolls, however reborn dolls are meant for adult collectors 18 and over. Most dolls have loose parts and accessories that can be choking hazards for small children. You will not find a realistic, well crafted reborn doll that is less than $100. These are meant as collector's items and not for daily/constant play, like regular child baby dolls. Please, do not be offended. It is an unrealistic expectation.

No, I cannot contact a reborn doll artist for you.
I am a regular customer and doll collector like anyone else. I cannot make any special house calls to a specific reborn doll artist on your behalf. I cannot deliver any messages. When I contact a reborn doll artist for myself; inquiring about a custom doll order, I must await their response just as you would. Sometimes, I do not receive a response at all! I am just like you and I do not receive any special treatment. My only advice to you is to contact the doll artist on their various outlets (Instagram, personal webpage, or Facebook) and patiently await a response. Please note, that begging for a free doll will immediately get you blocked. These artist have families to take care of, and have no time for such foolishness. Artists will also only do business transactions with adults, 21 and over.

Where I purchased my dolls & cost.
The following information has been stated several times on various places on this website as well as on my reborn doll YouTube channel. I am reiterating this information again, for your convenience:

Tehya Cassidy - Elliot 6month sculpt by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery 
Cost: $750 USD

Trinity LaClaire - Easton 6month sculpt by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery
Total Cost: $500 USD

Tatiana Lacey - LE Maizie sculpt by Andrea Arcello
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery
Cost: $850 USD

Trace Wade - Realborne Preemie Sleeping Thomas by Bountiful Baby
Artist: Janae Avery of J&J Reborn Babies
Cost: Gifted

Truett Michelle - LE Elyse sculpt by Cassie Brace
Artist: Cat Johnson of Cat Creations Reborn
Cost: $910 USD

Tapanga Mallery - Ariana by Reva Schick (head) / Katie Marie by Ann Timmerman (limbs)
Artist: Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies
Cost: $900 USD