It's Official: Pumpkin Doodle Babies

Reborn dolls by Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies (Customer Photo)

Happy Friday 13th, everyone!

My day was off to a rough start, but I am happy that it is turning around. I can start my weekend with a bit of good news, that the deposit on my custom reborn baby is finally complete..let the fun begin!
Now, that it is official,  I can formally announce who will be creating my magical toddler girl. I am glad to say that I am working with an artist I have not done business before; there are so many talented reborn doll artists in the world and I wish I could own all of their artwork!I am thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to work with Kory Basler Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies nursery, to bring my toddler girl to life!

Reborn Role Play

YouTube Video by Tori's Reborn Babies

Ever since my post about my Happy News, I've been giving reborn doll role playing much thought. Ultimately, for the success of my YouTube channel, I know it would be a great idea, however for my self I am not certain about it. I greatly enjoy watching role play videos like Day in the Life, Reborn Morning/Night Routines, and various other role play type videos. It is so fun to watch how the doll collector gets creative to make the video enjoyable and seem more realistic.

Happy News: A Big Addition to the Family!?

Happy Monday dollie lovers! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and their week is off to a good start. I am super excited about my latest reborn baby news...a new addition to the family! If you all have been tuned in to my YouTube videos, you know that I have mentioned a few times in the last month my desire to have a new addition to the reborn doll family by Christmas. I am happy to say, despite everything going on, I will be able to make that happen after all! I have put on hold my custom baby boy for various reasons, but the opportunity to have my dream reborn toddler is finally going to come true!

I held off on bringing a toddler into my collection due to storage space, but after discovering the reborn doll shelf, I can now keep all other babies placed away safely and still have room for a toddler. I also thought owning a toddler would be too far out of my range due to the price point. Reborn babies that are 6 month size and smaller easily go for over $1,000 so I could only imagine the cost of a toddler the size of a 1 year old! I had a particular toddler girl in mind ever since I discovered this size of doll back in 2009-10. I would randomly see photos of her online, but the original artist was never credited, so I didn't know which reborn nursery she came from! By some miracle, I discovered the artist via Etsy over the weekend and I have been obsessed ever since. What's even better, is that I know I can afford her work. I cry! (With joy, of course!)

I won't be giving away any details! It will be tough, but I want it to be a total surprise for viewers of my YouTube channel. I will most likely post updates on my blog only, until the I have finished photos from the artist to do a big reveal. So, this news is extra special if you are a reader of my blog, as I do not think a lot of people frequent my website.

Surprisingly, I have her name all picked out! In fact, it's been picked out over a year now. It is unique and totally cute and memorable (as it's from a popular 90's TV show character that I loved). Ah! I am so excited!