Sew in Love: DIY Travel Tote Bag!

Happy Monday, doll lovers!

Today, I am talking about my other beloved hobby..sewing! My ultimate goal is to gain skills in self-taught sewing so I may one day be able to make my own reborn baby clothing and accessories. Until then, I have been practicing different things by making projects for myself. One of my first sewing accomplishments was this cute reborn baby changing matte featured in my Planning My First Giveaway post. Clearly, that didn't end as planned because I still haven't had the giveaway! I actually ran into a road block creating the tote bag and I got so frustrated with it, that I never finished. Now that I feel more confident in doing it, I will be revisiting that project so I can, successfully, have my giveaway!

This past weekend, I was on my sewing machine Honeybee, mending some things for my husband-to-be and I decided to use the fabric he'd bought me to make a travel tote bag. This weekender type tote is big and able to hold a lot: shoes, clothes, laptop, tech gadgets, makeup, etc! I was quite please with how it came out and it is only missing a few buttons to accessorize. I did run into a snag at the end of the bag's completing, but I was able fix it. Luckily, none of my mistakes can be seen from the outside!

I can't wait to make another bag, honestly! I love crafted gifts for my reborn doll friends so this is definitely on the list. My baby blankets where a hit at the April meet up. I can't wait to make even more stuff.

[Edit: Tuesday July 11, 2017]

I came across a tutorial on YouTube for a drawstring backpack. After seeing how quick and easy it was I knew I wanted to add one to the matching set of luggage and carry on bags I am making for myself, from this beautiful blue floral Waverly fabric. Of course, nothing was quick or easy about this because I was doing it. I added clear vinyl in the inside with the intention for this to be wet bag where I store dirty laundry and towels after use, so it doesn't get mixed up with my other items and clean clothes. It turned out very nice, sturdy and well made in my opinion..almost too good for laundry! I plan to make more of these drawstring backpack bags as purses for myself, in the future. I already have my eye on some beautiful grey and mustard yellow Waverly prints. Next time, I'll definitely be adding pockets for my keys and cellphone.