Reborn dolls in the media

Happy Hump Day, dollie lovers!

Today, I thought I'd talk about a topic that I haven't discussed here before..reborn dolls in the media.
If you've been in the reborn doll hobby for awhile, you pretty much know the general response others who do not collect dolls, have about them. Most people who are not familiar with the hobby see it as: childish, creepy/weird, a waster of time and money, etc. Of course, with education, knowledge and an open mind to know more people's opinions can change, but that is where the problem lies. Most often people do not take the time to research and find out more before passing judgement on something.

I have been approached by the media on two occasions to feature my video footage or myself in the media or national television. On both occasions I have politely declined.

My first encounter with the media began with MTV hosting a documentary on people's hobbies and day-to-day life with their hobbies. In the beginning, the contact person seemed nice and really interested in learning more about the reborn doll hobby and collectors in general. Once I agreed to a telephone interview with him, things took a turn. The tone of the conversation always changed to the idea of taking my reborn dolls out in public, what I did with them on a daily basis as well as other doll collectors I may interact with. My attempts at educating this man on the artistic stand point that I have when it comes to reborn dolls, fell on deaf ears. Basically, he wanted a person who be on camera pretending and believing that the reborn doll was real, in order to make a show of the hobby and of course, make for better and crazier television. Ultimately, I stood my ground giving this contact person a clear stance on reborn dolls and I never spoke with him again. He called and left messages a few times, but eventually gave up on me being a part in this documentary.

My second encounter with the media, took place via e-mail. I learned my lesson from the last experience and vowed never to give my number to any of these fools again. This time, it was an Amazon Tv project called Lore. I had never heard of this before, so a quick Google search gave me my answer. Lore originated as podcast series that was then taken over by Amazon in hopes to make it into a TV series. Lore focuses on supernatural, spooky, vampires/zombies type stuff. My initial question was, "How in the hell does reborn dolls fit into this!?" To be honest, I did not even give the contact person a chance to answer this questions as I immediately turned down the offer for any of my videos to be featured in this show. If I catch wind that they have been dishonest and used my footage anyway, I will definitely be lawyering up.

In short, I feel like the positive aspects of reborn doll collecting is hardly ever seen. I commend those like Stephanie and Jackie Ortiz who were featured on talk shows to really inform people about the hobby and what goes into the creation of these dolls. We need more media who have genuine intentions like that...or to just leave us the hell alone!

For any media "researcher" who may come across this post, hear this before contacting me: