Reborn Mom Meetup - April 2017

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic. Over the last week or so, I have been chatting with Londa, Kelsey, and Julie. Do you remember these lovely ladies from my first reborn doll meet up? I cannot believe it has been almost an entire year since I have seen them! (Well, accept Londa..she lives closer than the others, so I get to see her more often). Well, we got the chance to hang out again and this time was just as amazing as the last. Sadly, Londa could not come because of a family emergency, but she was remembered fondly of course.

Kelsey was able to sleepover at my house that night, so we rode together to meet Julie. We visited Burlington, Marshall's, Tuesday Morning, Five Below, Carter's, and Once Upon A Child. There were plenty more shops on our list to visit but the time went by so fast and we had to head home before it got too late. Hopefully, we can make this a monthly ritual and be able to cover more ground next time. Despite the forecast of rain, we didn't catch any! I'm so happy. It was quite hot outside, but nothing haunted our joy and excitement.

My favorite part of the day, was our visit to Carter's. Not only is it my absolute favorite place to shop, it was great to do it with my girls! Carrying the car seats around was wearing us down and it was simpler to carry our rebates in arm to shop. I was nervous about being, but I really did have fun and I'd do it again. I felt more confident taking Truett out of her canopy covered carseat, and walking around with her in my arms, since I was amongst friends. The entire day, no one bothered us or approached us inappropriately. It was fun! The entire shopping trip we traded babes back and forth and walked around holding them. We had so much fun that filming and taking photos slipped our minds. I did put together this video for you all, so I hope you enjoy it!

Choosing a name for your reborn doll

Happy Friday, dollie lovers!

I recently filmed a video on this topic and thought I'd post an accompanying blog topic to go with it. This is mainly for those who visit and enjoy reading, instead of watching videos! However, if you like both, feel free to check out the video at DollieLovex3

What's in a name?! One of my absolute favorite things about doll collecting and expecting a new doll is choosing a name. Over the years, it became a trend that my dolls all have names beginning with the letter T, just like me! (My name is Tamara, if you didn't know already :) One of my followers pointed this out to me and I kept with the tradition! However, here are a few helpful pointers on choosing a name for your special doll.

You can take inspiration from anything in order to name your doll! Favorite book/movie character names, celebrity names, family names, or even names that have been combined from usual names to make something special! It can be whatever you want. Do not let anyone or anything deter you from choosing a name you absolutely love. If you enjoy the name "Sunshine sprinkles", well then name your doll Sunshine! At the end of the day, it is your doll and your investment.

I use for most of my searches. Usually I have a name in mind, but I may be in search of a suitable middle name, or just looking for more options. I love how Nameberry has all names categorized either alphabetically or in special lists like: Summer Time names, African Baby Names, or Color Baby names. The possibilities are endless with this website and it's fun to browse.

Sometimes, name meanings are really important to collectors. Research some of your favorite meanings to discover the name that is just for you. If you love space and astronomy maybe a name like Luna would be suitable for your dollie.

All in all, it is up to you and the most important aspect of choosing a name, is to make sure you will love it and remember it! Happy Naming!

How to shop for your reborn baby

Happy Tuesday, dollie lovers!

This title may sound silly, but hear me out! Today, I want to discuss shopping for your reborn baby. Wether you are a new doll collector or a veteran in the hobby, you may find these tips useful for expanding your reborn baby wardrobe and accessories...without going (too) broke!