How much do reborn dolls cost?

Hey dollie lovers! I hope everyone is having a blessed end to their weekend.

Today, on the YouTube channel features the video answering one of my most asked questions: How much do reborn dolls cost? I have answered this question (and others) via the Resource Center, but I will be making more chat topic videos covering those topics as well. I don't think too many interested in reborns get around to viewing my blog, so hopefully the information will be on the front lines this way.

Have a great week!

PS- If you're interested in knowing the details of my dolls and how much they cost (before the video is aired), check out Reborn Dolls Frequently Asked Questions page in the Resource Center.

Planning my very first giveaway!

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I have announced my latest and greatest news on Facebook, so I thought it high time to make a post about it here on my blog. I am currently planning for DollieLovex3's very first GIVEAWAY! I am super excited and I hope all my viewers and followers will enjoy the prizes.

So, if you remember a few posts ago I chatted about the amazing gift my fiance purchased me for Valentine's Day? Well, I am putting that sewing machine to good use. It is on this project I have finally discovered a fitting name for my little worker bee of a machine; Honey. Honey Bee, to be exact! It is most fitting, especially with all the trial and error I had with creating these homemade (with love) giveaway prizes in such fun bright yellow! So without further anticipation, I'll give you a sneak peak of what I have planned.

Sew In Love: DIY Pin Cushion

Happy Monday everyone!

Today, I am checking in and showing you all my latest sewing DIY project. Ever since I received my sewing machine, I have been slowly collecting the basic necessities and supplies needed to complete any sewing project. One that was priority on my list was a good pin cushion. Now, it may not seem like much, but in my world of clumsiness, a pin cushion is much preferred over the original pin box that came with purchase. If you're interested in knowing how that story ended, keep reading.