How can I afford a reborn doll!?

Hey dollie lovers!

It's 2017 and a lot of us in the reborn doll community have opted to set New Year's resolution of saving money. This can be such a challenge if you are used to splurging and indulging in luxury reborn baby items (like me!) Stay strong; you can do this! *haha*

With the talk of money-saving going around, I thought it'd be an interesting topic to discuss of just how do I afford reborn dolls. If I've peeked your interest; keep reading! You can also view my discussion on my reborn doll YouTube channel DollieLovex3

Happy New Year & Welcome Home Truett

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope all in the reborn doll community had a wonderful Christmas celebration and start to the new year. After moving back in to my newly renovated apartment shortly before Thanksgiving, I'm happy to say things are finally settled in and I am so blessed! I was able to celebrate the Christmas holiday with my small family in our own space; I couldn't be happier! As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I was expecting a new little darling to my collection and she came just in time! I worried and was frustrated with the postal service, thinking she would not be here in time for Christmas (as she was a birthday gift for my December 1st birthday), but all worked out in the nick of time. Truett Michelle arrived Christmas Eve morning!