Fancy Christmas Wear OOTD

This week, Tapanga had her very first reborn outing! It was a unique experience, as we weren't meeting up with doll collector friends, but she was going to work with me. Of course, I had to get this rare occurrence on camera and the video will be posted to my youtube channel very soon.

Outfit of the Day: Tapanga in Pink!

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I just realized that I haven't posted an Outfit of the Day post in quite some time. I remember doing them a lot when I first started this blog, and I want to get back into the habit of doing that. Not a lot of the time I film every outfit changing (especially for a new reborn baby..when you're changing them a lot!) This way, I have photos of every cute outfit! This also gives me a catalog of sorts to go back to, when I'm picking out future outfits.

Happy Birthday, Tamara!


It's my birthday!

Today, I make 29 years old! Wow! That's almost scary haha. I am so grateful for God allowing me to see another year of life and experience more and reach more goals. In celebration of my birthday, I have posted the long awaited Reborn Daddy Question & Answer  video! You all know that we have tried to film this video on at least two other occasions, having technical difficulties with both attempts. How crazy is that?! Reborn daddy decided to turn the camera on (me; unknowingly) and film the video for you all! Thank you so much to my loving husband-to-be for putting up with my doll shenanigans. I love you! I hope you all enjoy the video and get a laugh :)

Welcome Home Tapanga!

I have been dieting to get this video uploaded for everyone, the day after Tapanga arrived! Due to a few technical issues, I was delayed. However, here is Tapanga's box opening video! She is going on night number two that she has been home with me and I couldn't be happier. Most of the day I am at work since she arrived during the work week, but once I get home I get a chance to cuddle, play, and make videos. I can't wait until life slows down enough where I can take her to the park for a really nice photoshoot and outing. Thank you to Mrs. Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies for such a beautiful doll!

Artist Photoshoot: Tapanga Mallory!

I am back from the blessing that was Thanksgiving holiday! I had a great time in the company of my loved ones and lots of yummy food! The day before, I also received an update from Ms. Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies on the progress of little Tapanga. Her beautiful new grey eyes had arrived in the mail...and I couldn't be happier! To my surprise, Ms. Fann also packaged her up and shipped her off Wednesday..WOW that's fast! Due to the holiday bringing mail carriage to a halt, I do have to await her arrival today..Monday!

Work In Progress & Name Reveal!

Happy Monday, Dollie lovers!

Today, I thought I'd update readers on the current progress of my toddler girl, as well as reveal her name! I was so happy to finally break the news via Instagram this weekend on my reborn expectations. I am always happy for other members in the doll community when a new member of their reborn family is about to join; it makes me happy to see everyone is just as excited as I am about MY new addition. I recently revealed the news on Facebook today.

Now, is as good a time as any to reveal her special name! I can stop referring to her as my toddler girl and welcome her as...

I have had this name reserved for years! It fits perfectly with my "T baby name" trend and it is unique. If you are familiar with the popular 90's TV show Boy Meets World, the main character Topanga, that is where  I got the idea from. Now, on to the update!

As of lately, I had been feeling conflicted over the overall look of Tapanga's eye color. Kory Fann has been a dream to work with. She is so sweet, patient, and goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied. She has went out of her way to take several extra photos for me of varying eye colors on Tapanga's face, so I can get as much of an idea of the overall look. Ultimately I wasn't completely happy with the eye colors available, so Kory found the color I was looking for online from a supplier. She placed an order, and now we just await the new eyes to come in! I'm super excited how she has been coming along. Here is how she looks with the varying eye colors; so ignore the mismatched look (even though, to me, she still looks cute even with two different eyes)

I am very happy with how my special request for freckles panned out. Kory didn't hesitate on this addition and I am so glad! They look so natural and very sweet on her face.

In the left photo dark blue eyes are used; the right photo has light blue and hazel green. Upon seeing her freckles the first time, I loved them so much I requested more of them!

These were the available eye color choices that would fit Tapanga's eye sockets. Although all of them are beautiful (especially light blue!!) I really wanted a medium grey color. Ms. Kory found these from her supplier! I am very happy with the look of these eyes and the realism they have. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are just as beautiful once Tapanga tries them on!

Overall, I am super excited to see her all put together with her beautiful hair. Stay tuned for the next update! I don't plan on doing updates like these on Instagram, so if you read my blog, you're in for a treat. I can't wait to post her final photoshoot on Insta!

Please Read!

I am always happy to help those who are looking to get started in the hobby of reborn doll collecting! Collecting dolls has grown to be a real passion of mine, and I don't feel as if finding that perfect doll for your, or the artist to create it, should be a secret! With that being said, I am only a helper. Please, read the following before you decide to contact me. I'd hate for you to be disappointed in my response!

DollieLovex3 is not a reborn doll artist.
I am a graphic design artist, by profession, however I am not a reborn doll artist. I wish I were able to offer these services, but I do not. I am only a reborn doll collector, sharing my knowledge on the hobby through the experiences I've had over the last 8 years of collecting these dolls. I am not able to take any custom reborn doll orders, so please stop inquiring about it. You cannot purchase a Tatiana Lacey doll from me. These dolls are were custom made for me by an artist and not mass produced for marketing.

None of my doll collection is for sale.
Please, stop (rudely) requesting that I send my reborn dolls to you for free or asking me to sell them. If, at any time, I felt the need to sell my reborn dolls, everyone would know about it! As of now, none of my reborn dolls are for sale. I also, do not plan to host any giveaways for a free reborn doll at this time. These specialized collectable dolls are very expensive; giving one away for free is just not in my budget at the moment.

Reborn dolls are not for children!
I have been asked many times by parents in search of "affordable/cheap" reborn dolls for their child's birthday or an upcoming holiday. The short answer is, reborn dolls are not cheap and none of them are suitable for children. If you are wanting a doll for your child that costs less than $100, I suggest looking into purchasing Ashton Drake dolls. They are beautifully crafted dolls that are a step-up from basic store-bought dolls, however reborn dolls are meant for adult collectors 18 and over. Most dolls have loose parts and accessories that can be choking hazards for small children. You will not find a realistic, well crafted reborn doll that is less than $100. These are meant as collector's items and not for daily/constant play, like regular child baby dolls. Please, do not be offended. It is an unrealistic expectation.

No, I cannot contact a reborn doll artist for you.
I am a regular customer and doll collector like anyone else. I cannot make any special house calls to a specific reborn doll artist on your behalf. I cannot deliver any messages. When I contact a reborn doll artist for myself; inquiring about a custom doll order, I must await their response just as you would. Sometimes, I do not receive a response at all! I am just like you and I do not receive any special treatment. My only advice to you is to contact the doll artist on their various outlets (Instagram, personal webpage, or Facebook) and patiently await a response. Please note, that begging for a free doll will immediately get you blocked. These artist have families to take care of, and have no time for such foolishness. Artists will also only do business transactions with adults, 21 and over.

Where I purchased my dolls & cost.
The following information has been stated several times on various places on this website as well as on my reborn doll YouTube channel. I am reiterating this information again, for your convenience:

Tehya Cassidy - Elliot 6month sculpt by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery 
Cost: $750 USD

Trinity LaClaire - Easton 6month sculpt by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery
Total Cost: $500 USD

Tatiana Lacey - LE Maizie sculpt by Andrea Arcello
Artist: Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery
Cost: $850 USD

Trace Wade - Realborne Preemie Sleeping Thomas by Bountiful Baby
Artist: Janae Avery of J&J Reborn Babies
Cost: Gifted

Truett Michelle - LE Elyse sculpt by Cassie Brace
Artist: Cat Johnson of Cat Creations Reborn
Cost: $910 USD

Tapanga Mallery - Ariana by Reva Schick (head) / Katie Marie by Ann Timmerman (limbs)
Artist: Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies
Cost: $900 USD

It's Official: Pumpkin Doodle Babies

Reborn dolls by Kory Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies (Customer Photo)

Happy Friday 13th, everyone!

My day was off to a rough start, but I am happy that it is turning around. I can start my weekend with a bit of good news, that the deposit on my custom reborn baby is finally complete..let the fun begin!
Now, that it is official,  I can formally announce who will be creating my magical toddler girl. I am glad to say that I am working with an artist I have not done business before; there are so many talented reborn doll artists in the world and I wish I could own all of their artwork!I am thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to work with Kory Basler Fann of Pumpkin Doodle Babies nursery, to bring my toddler girl to life!

Reborn Role Play

YouTube Video by Tori's Reborn Babies

Ever since my post about my Happy News, I've been giving reborn doll role playing much thought. Ultimately, for the success of my YouTube channel, I know it would be a great idea, however for my self I am not certain about it. I greatly enjoy watching role play videos like Day in the Life, Reborn Morning/Night Routines, and various other role play type videos. It is so fun to watch how the doll collector gets creative to make the video enjoyable and seem more realistic.

Happy News: A Big Addition to the Family!?

Happy Monday dollie lovers! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and their week is off to a good start. I am super excited about my latest reborn baby news...a new addition to the family! If you all have been tuned in to my YouTube videos, you know that I have mentioned a few times in the last month my desire to have a new addition to the reborn doll family by Christmas. I am happy to say, despite everything going on, I will be able to make that happen after all! I have put on hold my custom baby boy for various reasons, but the opportunity to have my dream reborn toddler is finally going to come true!

I held off on bringing a toddler into my collection due to storage space, but after discovering the reborn doll shelf, I can now keep all other babies placed away safely and still have room for a toddler. I also thought owning a toddler would be too far out of my range due to the price point. Reborn babies that are 6 month size and smaller easily go for over $1,000 so I could only imagine the cost of a toddler the size of a 1 year old! I had a particular toddler girl in mind ever since I discovered this size of doll back in 2009-10. I would randomly see photos of her online, but the original artist was never credited, so I didn't know which reborn nursery she came from! By some miracle, I discovered the artist via Etsy over the weekend and I have been obsessed ever since. What's even better, is that I know I can afford her work. I cry! (With joy, of course!)

I won't be giving away any details! It will be tough, but I want it to be a total surprise for viewers of my YouTube channel. I will most likely post updates on my blog only, until the I have finished photos from the artist to do a big reveal. So, this news is extra special if you are a reader of my blog, as I do not think a lot of people frequent my website.

Surprisingly, I have her name all picked out! In fact, it's been picked out over a year now. It is unique and totally cute and memorable (as it's from a popular 90's TV show character that I loved). Ah! I am so excited!

Journal #7 Hard decisions

What's up DollieLovers? As you probably already know, I haven't been around as much. My posts on Instagram and YouTube have been slacking. I haven't been keeping up with weekly uploads on YouTube and I'll explain why.

Things have been stressful! If you've read my previous Journal #6 Adulting, it's pretty much more of the same. If you all didn't know I am an adult (Lol!) I'm 28 years old and at times, life really kicks my ass. I never completely give up though. I may take several steps back to regroup, but giving up isn't an option. My latest hurdle is to save money for a vehicle. Of course, having my own car is imperative to keep a job and hunt for new jobs. So that's my main focus right now. As for filming videos, not only am I running out of steam on what to film (Y'all know you are tired of the outfit changing, don't lie!), but I'm always running out of sunlight to film in. I work until 5pm and after 1-1 1/2 hours of traffic the sun is pretty much going down, leaving me with nothing to work with. I am not trying to make excuses, I am just saying what I am up against at the moment. I'd love to some day get a light system going but space is limited for all those large umbrella lamps. *sigh* I don't know...

If you've watched a couple of my recent videos, you've heard me mention that I often think about parting with 1 or 2 of my dolls. This is still an idea on my mind, but I can't commit to anything right now. I love all of my reborn babies! I have finally gotten to to the point where I truly enjoy each doll and don't want to part with any of them. Yet, the idea of having half the money I planned on saving for a car is eating at me. On one hand I feel selfish, but on the other hand, I feel like I've worked hard on my collection and I deserve to keep them all. :(

I'm going to try and do better though.

I miss my reborn doll friends. Meeting up with the girls always seems to renew my interest in reborn dolls.

Being A YouTuber: The Ugly Side

Happy Friday everyone! Before I dive into the negativity around this post, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has watched my YouTube channel and stuck with me from the very beginning. It is amazing to see my little channel grow more and more each day. I am very thankful and blessed to encounter so many who are in love with reborn dolls and those who would like to some day collect them. I am happy I made the decision to share my collection and joy of reborn dolls with everyone online! Thanks again for helping me reach 30,000+ subscribers!

Sew in Love: DIY Travel Tote Bag!

Happy Monday, doll lovers!

Today, I am talking about my other beloved hobby..sewing! My ultimate goal is to gain skills in self-taught sewing so I may one day be able to make my own reborn baby clothing and accessories. Until then, I have been practicing different things by making projects for myself. One of my first sewing accomplishments was this cute reborn baby changing matte featured in my Planning My First Giveaway post. Clearly, that didn't end as planned because I still haven't had the giveaway! I actually ran into a road block creating the tote bag and I got so frustrated with it, that I never finished. Now that I feel more confident in doing it, I will be revisiting that project so I can, successfully, have my giveaway!

This past weekend, I was on my sewing machine Honeybee, mending some things for my husband-to-be and I decided to use the fabric he'd bought me to make a travel tote bag. This weekender type tote is big and able to hold a lot: shoes, clothes, laptop, tech gadgets, makeup, etc! I was quite please with how it came out and it is only missing a few buttons to accessorize. I did run into a snag at the end of the bag's completing, but I was able fix it. Luckily, none of my mistakes can be seen from the outside!

I can't wait to make another bag, honestly! I love crafted gifts for my reborn doll friends so this is definitely on the list. My baby blankets where a hit at the April meet up. I can't wait to make even more stuff.

[Edit: Tuesday July 11, 2017]

I came across a tutorial on YouTube for a drawstring backpack. After seeing how quick and easy it was I knew I wanted to add one to the matching set of luggage and carry on bags I am making for myself, from this beautiful blue floral Waverly fabric. Of course, nothing was quick or easy about this because I was doing it. I added clear vinyl in the inside with the intention for this to be wet bag where I store dirty laundry and towels after use, so it doesn't get mixed up with my other items and clean clothes. It turned out very nice, sturdy and well made in my opinion..almost too good for laundry! I plan to make more of these drawstring backpack bags as purses for myself, in the future. I already have my eye on some beautiful grey and mustard yellow Waverly prints. Next time, I'll definitely be adding pockets for my keys and cellphone.

DollieLovex3 Reaches 25K Subscribers!

Good morning everyone!

I logged into YouTube to check comments and messages and I notice that DollieLovex3, my beloved reborn doll channel, has reached 25,000+ subscribers! That is amazing; thank you all so very much!

I never thought when I decided to start this journey of creating reborn doll videos, that it would grow to be such a success and central part of the reborn doll community. Lots of collectors and collectors-to-be have contacted me and thanked me for the information that I've provided for them as well as the entertainment. I'm humbled, and so glad that someone out there is enjoying my videos.

Thank You All
25,054 Subcribers and growing!

Wishlist Reborn: Evelyn by Cassie Brace

(Photo Credits Jacqueline Kramer of Jacky's Little Honeybabys)

Happy Friday, dollie lovers! What is everyone up to for the weekend? I know what I will be doing...changing reborn dolls (Tehya and Tatiana to be exact) and making videos for everyone!

Reborn dolls in the media

Happy Hump Day, dollie lovers!

Today, I thought I'd talk about a topic that I haven't discussed here before..reborn dolls in the media.
If you've been in the reborn doll hobby for awhile, you pretty much know the general response others who do not collect dolls, have about them. Most people who are not familiar with the hobby see it as: childish, creepy/weird, a waster of time and money, etc. Of course, with education, knowledge and an open mind to know more people's opinions can change, but that is where the problem lies. Most often people do not take the time to research and find out more before passing judgement on something.

I have been approached by the media on two occasions to feature my video footage or myself in the media or national television. On both occasions I have politely declined.

My first encounter with the media began with MTV hosting a documentary on people's hobbies and day-to-day life with their hobbies. In the beginning, the contact person seemed nice and really interested in learning more about the reborn doll hobby and collectors in general. Once I agreed to a telephone interview with him, things took a turn. The tone of the conversation always changed to the idea of taking my reborn dolls out in public, what I did with them on a daily basis as well as other doll collectors I may interact with. My attempts at educating this man on the artistic stand point that I have when it comes to reborn dolls, fell on deaf ears. Basically, he wanted a person who be on camera pretending and believing that the reborn doll was real, in order to make a show of the hobby and of course, make for better and crazier television. Ultimately, I stood my ground giving this contact person a clear stance on reborn dolls and I never spoke with him again. He called and left messages a few times, but eventually gave up on me being a part in this documentary.

My second encounter with the media, took place via e-mail. I learned my lesson from the last experience and vowed never to give my number to any of these fools again. This time, it was an Amazon Tv project called Lore. I had never heard of this before, so a quick Google search gave me my answer. Lore originated as podcast series that was then taken over by Amazon in hopes to make it into a TV series. Lore focuses on supernatural, spooky, vampires/zombies type stuff. My initial question was, "How in the hell does reborn dolls fit into this!?" To be honest, I did not even give the contact person a chance to answer this questions as I immediately turned down the offer for any of my videos to be featured in this show. If I catch wind that they have been dishonest and used my footage anyway, I will definitely be lawyering up.

In short, I feel like the positive aspects of reborn doll collecting is hardly ever seen. I commend those like Stephanie and Jackie Ortiz who were featured on talk shows to really inform people about the hobby and what goes into the creation of these dolls. We need more media who have genuine intentions like that...or to just leave us the hell alone!

For any media "researcher" who may come across this post, hear this before contacting me:

Reborn Mom Meetup - April 2017

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic. Over the last week or so, I have been chatting with Londa, Kelsey, and Julie. Do you remember these lovely ladies from my first reborn doll meet up? I cannot believe it has been almost an entire year since I have seen them! (Well, accept Londa..she lives closer than the others, so I get to see her more often). Well, we got the chance to hang out again and this time was just as amazing as the last. Sadly, Londa could not come because of a family emergency, but she was remembered fondly of course.

Kelsey was able to sleepover at my house that night, so we rode together to meet Julie. We visited Burlington, Marshall's, Tuesday Morning, Five Below, Carter's, and Once Upon A Child. There were plenty more shops on our list to visit but the time went by so fast and we had to head home before it got too late. Hopefully, we can make this a monthly ritual and be able to cover more ground next time. Despite the forecast of rain, we didn't catch any! I'm so happy. It was quite hot outside, but nothing haunted our joy and excitement.

My favorite part of the day, was our visit to Carter's. Not only is it my absolute favorite place to shop, it was great to do it with my girls! Carrying the car seats around was wearing us down and it was simpler to carry our rebates in arm to shop. I was nervous about being, but I really did have fun and I'd do it again. I felt more confident taking Truett out of her canopy covered carseat, and walking around with her in my arms, since I was amongst friends. The entire day, no one bothered us or approached us inappropriately. It was fun! The entire shopping trip we traded babes back and forth and walked around holding them. We had so much fun that filming and taking photos slipped our minds. I did put together this video for you all, so I hope you enjoy it!

Choosing a name for your reborn doll

Happy Friday, dollie lovers!

I recently filmed a video on this topic and thought I'd post an accompanying blog topic to go with it. This is mainly for those who visit and enjoy reading, instead of watching videos! However, if you like both, feel free to check out the video at DollieLovex3

What's in a name?! One of my absolute favorite things about doll collecting and expecting a new doll is choosing a name. Over the years, it became a trend that my dolls all have names beginning with the letter T, just like me! (My name is Tamara, if you didn't know already :) One of my followers pointed this out to me and I kept with the tradition! However, here are a few helpful pointers on choosing a name for your special doll.

You can take inspiration from anything in order to name your doll! Favorite book/movie character names, celebrity names, family names, or even names that have been combined from usual names to make something special! It can be whatever you want. Do not let anyone or anything deter you from choosing a name you absolutely love. If you enjoy the name "Sunshine sprinkles", well then name your doll Sunshine! At the end of the day, it is your doll and your investment.

I use for most of my searches. Usually I have a name in mind, but I may be in search of a suitable middle name, or just looking for more options. I love how Nameberry has all names categorized either alphabetically or in special lists like: Summer Time names, African Baby Names, or Color Baby names. The possibilities are endless with this website and it's fun to browse.

Sometimes, name meanings are really important to collectors. Research some of your favorite meanings to discover the name that is just for you. If you love space and astronomy maybe a name like Luna would be suitable for your dollie.

All in all, it is up to you and the most important aspect of choosing a name, is to make sure you will love it and remember it! Happy Naming!

How to shop for your reborn baby

Happy Tuesday, dollie lovers!

This title may sound silly, but hear me out! Today, I want to discuss shopping for your reborn baby. Wether you are a new doll collector or a veteran in the hobby, you may find these tips useful for expanding your reborn baby wardrobe and accessories...without going (too) broke!

How much do reborn dolls cost?

Hey dollie lovers! I hope everyone is having a blessed end to their weekend.

Today, on the YouTube channel features the video answering one of my most asked questions: How much do reborn dolls cost? I have answered this question (and others) via the Resource Center, but I will be making more chat topic videos covering those topics as well. I don't think too many interested in reborns get around to viewing my blog, so hopefully the information will be on the front lines this way.

Have a great week!

PS- If you're interested in knowing the details of my dolls and how much they cost (before the video is aired), check out Reborn Dolls Frequently Asked Questions page in the Resource Center.

Planning my very first giveaway!

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I have announced my latest and greatest news on Facebook, so I thought it high time to make a post about it here on my blog. I am currently planning for DollieLovex3's very first GIVEAWAY! I am super excited and I hope all my viewers and followers will enjoy the prizes.

So, if you remember a few posts ago I chatted about the amazing gift my fiance purchased me for Valentine's Day? Well, I am putting that sewing machine to good use. It is on this project I have finally discovered a fitting name for my little worker bee of a machine; Honey. Honey Bee, to be exact! It is most fitting, especially with all the trial and error I had with creating these homemade (with love) giveaway prizes in such fun bright yellow! So without further anticipation, I'll give you a sneak peak of what I have planned.

Sew In Love: DIY Pin Cushion

Happy Monday everyone!

Today, I am checking in and showing you all my latest sewing DIY project. Ever since I received my sewing machine, I have been slowly collecting the basic necessities and supplies needed to complete any sewing project. One that was priority on my list was a good pin cushion. Now, it may not seem like much, but in my world of clumsiness, a pin cushion is much preferred over the original pin box that came with purchase. If you're interested in knowing how that story ended, keep reading.

Journal #6: Adulting

Happy Valentine's season, dollie lovers!

I hope everyone is enjoying all the love in the air, for this Valentine's season. I have such much love and adoration for my friends, family and those virtual friends in the reborn doll community ~ Thank you!

Today's life update is all about adulting. You know, putting aside the things you enjoy doing for things that need to be done (and may not be so enjoyable). One of these things that I have spent less time doing, is interacting with my reborn doll collection. I think I have created a tall order for myself to fill when I listed my New Years resolutions. Those being: saving money, healthier eating habits, starting the payback of student loans, and working out every week. It may not seem like a lot, but for me it has been! I will not lie, I have been dropping the ball on quite a few of these resolutions. :( I'm proud to be keeping up with my YouTube video schedule for you all. Reborn doll videos feature every Friday and Sunday! I have also slacked on my actual job hunting, as creating YouTube content 5-6 days a week has taken up a lot of time. My income from creating videos has skyrocketed and I have been working overtime to maintain it. With all the new changes on YouTube, its getting harder and harder and I do feel like it's becoming more of a chore than an enjoyment; not good!

I've also done pretty well NOT purchasing any new reborn baby related items. I won't say that I haven't invested money in other places, but at least I have put all baby buys to a halt Haha. *sigh* I don't know.

Sew very crafty

Happy weekend, dollie lovers!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Although I am a firm believer in celebrating the ones I love in various acts of kindness every day (not just once a year) throughout the year, I am very grateful and appreciative of the way my fiance takes care in making sure the day is special for me. This year, he definitely floored me with the biggest Valentine's Day surprise...yes, even bigger than the 50inch plus pink stuffed unicorn I received last year.

My sewing craft dreams are to come true because he surprised me with a sewing machine!

Before the storm turned my live upside down for the later part of 2016, I was researching the right sewing machine for what I planned to do. I've had my eye set on creating reborn baby clothing, home wares, and plus size circle skirts. I'm so excited for what's to come this year, and to grow in this craft. I am still drawing and painting, however all my sewing crafts will be featured on this blog, DollieLovex3. Ultimately, I would love to open an Etsy shop with my reborn baby clothing creations, but that's a very long way off.

Along with this amazing gift, my fiance also gifted me a Sailor Moon dress from Hot Topic to wear this year at Mechacon. I'm pretty over the moon about it. You can catch a review about it soon on my main blog MaraKittenx3.

How can I afford a reborn doll!?

Hey dollie lovers!

It's 2017 and a lot of us in the reborn doll community have opted to set New Year's resolution of saving money. This can be such a challenge if you are used to splurging and indulging in luxury reborn baby items (like me!) Stay strong; you can do this! *haha*

With the talk of money-saving going around, I thought it'd be an interesting topic to discuss of just how do I afford reborn dolls. If I've peeked your interest; keep reading! You can also view my discussion on my reborn doll YouTube channel DollieLovex3

Happy New Year & Welcome Home Truett

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope all in the reborn doll community had a wonderful Christmas celebration and start to the new year. After moving back in to my newly renovated apartment shortly before Thanksgiving, I'm happy to say things are finally settled in and I am so blessed! I was able to celebrate the Christmas holiday with my small family in our own space; I couldn't be happier! As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I was expecting a new little darling to my collection and she came just in time! I worried and was frustrated with the postal service, thinking she would not be here in time for Christmas (as she was a birthday gift for my December 1st birthday), but all worked out in the nick of time. Truett Michelle arrived Christmas Eve morning!