WIP: My Dream Baby + Updates

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Forgive me for the lack of posts. I have been bouncing about on social media trying to get my online life organized and prepared for 2017. After talking to my fiance about our goals, I decided that no time like the present is a good time to start on those goals. Why make New Year's resolutions when I can do it NOW!

If you've been following me on Instagram (@DollieLovex3) or Facebook, you know that I have asked everyone's advice in order to determine a video upload schedule. I'm happy to say that, based on the feedback, my videos will go live every Friday and Sunday starting this week! I'm pretty excited, as I've been filming videos nonstop all last week, in order to upload for both my YouTube channel's new schedules. I'm proud of myself for accomplishing this and will do my very best to keep it up! It seems YouTube has underwent some algorithm changes (without any notice to their users) that effect how you subscribe, get notified and updated about your favorite 'Tubers. They even have unsubscribed you from some of them! It is a wonky change that has been effecting any channel that earns revenue from uploading content, including mine. All I can do is push forward and try my best. I greatly enjoy making new friends from this platform and sharing what I love. So, I will stick to it. I will also try to update the blog at the time of my video uploads. The topics may or not be the same as what content is uploaded, but it will be updated!

Now, on to the fun stuff...my reborn doll collection! I have been updating my Instagram and Facebook with my dream baby's progress, but I have neglected it here! A lot has taken place since my initial deposit on her, so I will just do a recap of how she got stared.

My Dream Baby (No. 2)
A couple months ago I decided to part with the only baby boy in my collection, Shamaar Anthony. He was lovingly adopted by a reborn doll Mom in Ireland. Upon his adoption, I had already made up my mind that I wanted to adopt another baby boy; this time a custom made! However, a friend of mine on Instagram informed me that the dream reborn sculpt I had wanted was available on Ebay for purchase! I couldn't pass up this opportunity. There had been two to three occasions where I wanted to purchase this this doll from another's collection and I didn't. This time around, I was not letting anyone else's opinion of this sculpt sway me. I purchased the sculpt from Ebay, communicated with the artist on the details and placed my deposit! My Mom gifted me the balance of her price as a Birthday/Christmas gift, so this little girl is definitely special to me and will NOT be leaving my collection - EVER.

Fast forward to now. It has been a couple months as I was in que for my doll to be worked on. Here are her current Work In Progress photos!

 Elyse sculpt by Cassie Brace | Reborned by Cat Johnson of CatCreations | Hazel eyes in this photo!

Today, the artist took various photos to help me decide on which eye color I wanted for this baby: Brown (which looks black on this sculpt, because of the small eye space), Hazel, and Grey.

Grey eyes

Hazel eye (left), Brown eye (right)

Ultimately, I decided to go with the hazel eyes. I love how they look with her skin tone. Over this past week she has been rooted with curly mohair and she awaits her final photoshoot! I am so excited and I pray she is shipped and arrives before Christmas. I'm far too anxious, as I thought I would be receiving this baby for my birthday on December 1st. My Mom has even been asking about her!

I've realized this whole time, I haven't revealed her name! What kind of mother am I? Haha! Introducing...Truett Michelle. I call her True and Trudy, for short. Of course, I had to stick with the T-baby name. Hopefully, next time I post I'll have some final photos to share.