Happy News!

Hey Dollie Lovers!

I hope all are having a great week! I have some great news today!

I'm moving back to my apartment.

I have enjoyed living with my fiancé and his family for the last month or so while my apartment undergoes repair. Now, the time has come to pack up and move back. This is the first time I've been able to decorate my room from scratch and not just randomly through furniture into a room. I'm grateful for those who've handed down their bedroom furniture to me since childhood, but buying your own, brand new home goods is awesome! I can't wait to do a video showing my new setup. I surely do miss Tatiana and Tehya and I can't wait to unpack them, change them, and cuddle! This weekend I'll be going out to purchase my bed comforter set.


Elyse by Cassie Brace, Reborn Artist Cat Johnson, Doll Owner Shreborn Familia
(My reborn Elyse will be made to look just like this one! Isn't she beautiful!?)

My custom reborn baby is in production starting this week!

Yes, it's official. My beautiful dream baby #2 is one step closer to being in my arms. Cat Johnson contacted me a couple days ago to announce this week she'll be starting on my baby girl from the Elyse sculpt by Cassie Brace. If you don't follow me on Instagram or YouTube (which you should!) then you missed out on the baby name reveal. In any case, she is lovingly named Truett Michelle. I'm so excited! I haven't done any "coming home" shopping for her since after unpacking everything, I have A LOT of baby clothes already. A lot of which I haven't even used yet. I do still want a pretty monogrammed blanket, though.

What are you all up to this weekend?

Journal #5: Living with Reborn Daddy

What's up Dollie Lovers!

I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd share how life has been for me recently. If you've been keeping up with my reborn doll YouTube channel, you know that I recently updated on moving in with my fiance and his family, our upcoming Question & Answers video, and the name reveal for my dream reborn baby due to come before the Christmas holidays. I'm pretty excited about that last bit.

As you know (I think?) most of my doll collection is packed away in storage. I miss Tatiana and Tehya with their cute little faces, but hopefully we will all be back home in the apartment I share with my Mom, by Christmas. For now, Trinity is here with me. To be honest, I don't take her out and hold/cuddle her as much as I thought I would. I guess I don't feel as comfortable to do so in a new living space. A couple weeks ago I introduced my dolls to my future mother-in-law. I was nervous, but I thought I'd do it now instead of being in an awkward position later when she happend to walk in on me doing a YouTube video or changing her outfit. She knew that I had a doll collection but she didn't know exactly what kind of dolls. Thankfully, she welcomed my hobby and thought they were so cute. Even so, after the big reveal to my mother-in-law, I still don't cuddle Trin as much. For the most part she stays wrapped and safe in her blankie packed away in my baby tote bag.

On a day to day basis, Reborn Daddy gets up at 4am to work. I usually get up with him to see him off, stay up for a couple hours, and then fall back to sleep around 7am until 10am. After I finally wake up for good, I clean around the apartment, get laundry together and fix any food for my hubs and myself. On certain days I will also work on my artwork for my weekly art YouTube videos (Mara Medium). I also work on graphic design commissions from time to time. For the most part, I'm browsing the internet and working on my artwork. It's not exciting, but it gives me time to think (which may or may not be  good thing)

Some good news though, it's been confirmed that my apartment is finally repaired and we can move back in! Yay! I'm excited to get things back to normal and start focusing on what I am going to do come 2017 to reach my next life goal. Wish me luck!