Journal #4: Relocating and YouTube videos

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

Today's Journal entry, of course, is about what's going on in my personal life...but more so about the future of my YouTube channel. If you follow me on Instagram (@DollieLovex3) you know that I am relocating. No, I am not moving back home just yet, but relocating to a new place of living. I will now be living with my fiance and his Mom at their apartment. I'm happy and grateful to be sharing a space with my love, but like they say: There's no place like home. I enjoy my future mother-in-law's company but honestly, I miss my own mother as well. Yesterday, my Mom and I were on the hunt for apartment availability. I am hoping that some of the phone calls we made are returned soon.

In regards to our previous apartment being repaired...I don't know what's going on. The landowners claim they will repair it, but never can say WHEN. Despite his promise that November 1st we'll be able to move back in. I see that being very unlikely given that the first of the month is within two weeks. At this point, I want my Mom to get her apartment deposit back so she can use it to find a new place to live. Renting is just such a trying task. All I can do now is pray.

So, what's all this mean for my YouTube channel? Well, it means I am going to try my hardest for nothing to really change, but I will be uploading less frequently. I am not able to take all of my belongings and reborn dolls/reborn items but I am grateful my fiance is such a sweetheart and does not mind me bringing some things. I will be able to bring Trinity LaClaire, a few changes of her clothes/shoes/socks, and some accessories in order to do a few videos. I will be uploading once a week; possibly twice a week if I find awesome and interesting tag videos to participate in. I chose Trinity to bring with me mainly because she is low-maintenance in comparison to my other reborns. She has closed eyes and mouth, so I don't have to clean dust from her as often. She is a bald baby, which means less hair accessories and hair products to bring to maintain her hair. I thought it was a smart choice. Surprisingly (and unknown to me) Trinity is my fiance's least favorite reborn!

I have also condensed and packed my art supplies in order to push through and keep up my weekly art videos. I upload every Thursday. It was a challenge to finally start this art channel and I do not want this to be a stumbling block for me now. Wish me luck!