Exciting News!

Happy Saturday, Dollie Lovers! Today is a beautiful and sunny day out. I love clear and cheerful weather. I hope all your reborn collectors are having a good week. I have some exciting news in regards to my reborn doll collection and I couldn't wait to tell you all! Watch my video below as well as Tehya & Tatiana's cute outfit of the day).  :)

OOTD with my reborn girls!

It's been quite fun dressing the girls in matching outfits, now that it's a boy-free reborn zone! Check out our video and let me know what you think!

Journal #3: Happy Mail, Penpals, and stuff

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I haven't been posting for the last few days since I have been spending time with my love. We don't live together, so when he is off from work I spend my time with him. Now, I am back home, near my rebabies :)

I'm excited to share, that Tehya, Trinity and Tatiana received their first happy mail package! Happy Mail, in the reborn community, is the term used to signify a fun package received in the mail from a friend or fan of your reborn dolls. These gifts are usually unplanned and spontaneous; who doesn't love that? To be honest, I never wanted to receive any happy mail. I am the type of person who feels one gift deserves another. I always love giving gifts without accepting anything in return, but when it comes to me receiving I can be hard headed :) In this case, our friend Billie in Texas was not having it! She was quite adamant on sending the rebabies a gift so I agreed to give her my mailing address. I'm so blessed and touched by her sweet spirit and generosity. If you're curious to see what our first happy mail was, watch our video here: Happy Mail From Auntie Billie!

Speaking of mail, a month or so ago I decided to take up my hobby of penpalling again. It's been a rewarding journey so far, as this time I've decided to take on penpals who are also into reborn doll collecting. I love it! I've always loved learning about other people's day-to-day lives and making friends in other places. I've also made a few new non-reborn collector friends as well (including reconnecting with 3 pals I've had in the past). I miss collecting cute stationary, stickers and address labels. My Hello Kitty infatuation never will die.

Aside from that, Shamaar (now named Philo) is home with his new family in Ireland! The loving new reborn parents are thrilled with him and have sent me several e-mails of gratitude for allowing them to adopt him. Selling from your personal doll collection can be rough at times, but it brings me great joy in knowing the recipients are over the moon happy. You can check out future videos with Philo on YouTube KCIEBENZ. In other news, the landowners of our apartment have promised that repairs will be complete by November 1st or the first week of. I am praying this is true, as our neighbor next door has heard otherwise. I am praying things come together for us so we can move back to our home. I am forever grateful for my family's generosity and welcoming us (including my dolls!) into their house, but there truly is no place like home.

Shamaar's new home in Ireland!

Hello dollie lovers!

I am so excited, I couldn't wait to tell you all. Shamaar has been up for adopting for the last 5-7 days and today, he has found a lovely new Mom...all the way in Ireland!

Adopting A Reborn Doll: What to Expect

I've written a lot of articles going over reborn dolls for collectors who are just starting or those interested in getting into the reborn doll hobby, however I've never tackled this topic (at least not in depth), so today, I will!

Adopting A Reborn Doll: Second Hand (Ebay)

A lot of doll collectors adopt reborn dolls second hand. This doesn't mean dolls are of lesser quality or even not brand new. This just signifies the doll has had a previous owner (or more than one previous owners). Most doll collectors take care of their pieces of art, so even pre-owned dolls are in good condition.

When purchasing on Ebay, you can purchase as Buy It Now or participate in a bidding process. Once you've won, or made your purchase, your dolls usually ships within 1-2 days and then it takes 3-4 days for it to arrive in the mail,  depending on how close you are to the seller's location.

Usually with Ebay purchases, there is no avenue for setting up a layaway or partial payment plan. You must pay in full to own the reborn doll.

Adopting A Reborn Doll: Second Hand (Facebook/Instagram)

When adopting a reborn doll via social media you directly get to talk to the doll owner, without having to go through any storefront service (like Ebay). In doing so, you can ask the seller all your questions as well as asking if they have any layaway options.

Once you and the doll collector have come to an agreement, Paypal is used to send money to the recipient. The person you are purchasing from will give you a time frame as to when your package should be shipped as well as provide you with a tracking number, to follow your packages trip through the mail to your door!

Adopting A Reborn Doll: Custom Doll Order

I have created an article on this topic, you can view it here: Custom Made Reborn Dolls

However, you must be aware that a custom made reborn doll does require that you have patience! Custom made works of art take time and this time period depends on factors such as: the artist's schedule, the artist's current list of orders that need to be completed, and any special details needing to be done on your doll.

Each time frame for a reborn doll varies by the artist, so you must discuss this with your chosen artist. Most dolls take between 3-6 weeks to complete, if not more. Some artist also have a waiting list; in which you may be waiting a month or more before the artist starts to create your doll. If you are interested in getting a doll very quickly, a custom order may not be your best decision, but you can talk to your chosen artist and see if a negotiation is possible.

Reborn dolls; custom made or otherwise, are not cheap! A custom reborn doll can be anywhere from $500- thousands of dollars. It all depends on what you want in a doll and the size of the doll (as well as materials used by the artist and the artist's time). A lot of artists have a layaway/payment plan option, but this is a topic to discuss with your artist; as it varies with every creator.

And, that is it! I hope this was able to help someone :) For more information on each of these topics, check out the Resources tab at the top of the blog.