Welcome Home Tatiana Lacey!

Tatiana Lacey has finally seen the end of her journey from Virginia to Louisiana! Fedex had me with labor pains; waiting almost all day for her arrival. She landed in my state around 8:30am but arrived at 5:30pm. Needless to say, I was anxious all day!

I immediately headed to the yard to film in the shade, but still try and get decent sunlight. I think I failed at that, but overall I am happy with her box opening footage. Take a look at her beautiful box opening! Thank you so much Markita Booker!

Negativity in the Reborn Doll Community

The negativity in the Reborn Doll Community has really been working my nerves. It makes me want to retreat away from social media and take my dollies with me. I do not think anyone's opinions of my dolls could ever bash my interest so much as to stop collecting dolls, but the negativity definitely makes me want to be less active in sharing.

There once was a time where the Reborn Community was together against all the negative comments and misunderstanding of doll collectors, portrayed by the media and those who did not understand the hobby. We were banded as one to educate the ignorant on doll collecting, the value of the dolls and the art and creation of them. Now, media has accepted our hobby as legit in some way or another and people are familiar to the hobby.

Today, the negativity does not come from those outside the hobby, but from within! I would have never thought I'd see the day when collectors try and dictate who is accepted or not in the community based on their dolls!? Since when did this become a pissing contest over who has the prettiest, most expensive, most RARE and limited edition doll? When did silicone dolls reign supreme and superior in comparison to vinyl dolls? Like, who made the "rules"? Its complete nonsense is what it is. I would like my friends and I to enjoy our dolls and enjoy sharing them without always having the feeling of "lesser than" to the next collector. Every doll (whether reborn or not!) is precious and beautiful to its collector and that's all it needs to be.

On another note...

It is so freaking RUDE when people demand to purchase my dolls when they are clearly not for sale. It is also equally as rude when people want to put in a bid in advance "if you sell your doll". I'm quite happy with my dollies and looking forward to getting a new one and all anyone could think is "I hope she sells her?" And lets not talk about the people who email and message me to send them a doll for free.

What the hell is wrong with people?!

WIP: Tatiana's Artist Photoshoot

("Maizie" sculpt by Andrea Arcello | Reborn Artist Markita Booker)

The time is oh so near! Tatiana Lacey will officially be shipped off tomorrow and due to arrive at my door step this Wednesday. (Woohoo FEDEX Overnight!) I'm so excited and a lot of my reborn friends in the community are as well. Here are her pictures lovingly taken by the artist, Markita Booker.

WIP: Tatiana Lacey (No. 2)

I'm so excited! The time is drawing near to Tatiana Lacey's completion! With everything that is going on in my life, I could use a little ray of sunshine. What better happiness than the arrival of a new reborn baby in my collection!

Dollie plans for the future

*Note* All of these plans have changed since the creation of this post...haha Reborn doll collectors change their minds ALL the time.

(Photo Credits Google Search)

With everything going on in life right now, thinking of my reborn doll hobby helps keep the anxiety and depression at bay. It's nice to have something else to focus on, other than the negativity in life, ya know? I suggest anyone indulge in a hobby if it helps you keep your head at times. No matter if it is cooking, playing video games, learning a new song to sing, dancing, whatever! Mine is reborn dolls. So, I'll tell you my thoughts for my collection in the future!

How I Care for My Doll's Hair

The day has finally come when it's due time for Tehya Cassidy's very first hair washing. I thought this would be a good time to go over my process for taking care of my reborn dolls' hair. Keep reading if you're interested.

Journal #2: Natural disasters, life changes, and more

(Photo Credits: local news station)

I thought it was time for me to make a post about the latest happenings in my life. I'm blessed to even have the means to make this post and still stay in touch with friends, family and the dolly community given the situation. If you haven't been tuned to the news, Thursday July 11 started the downpour of rain on Louisiana. What we expected to be another fly-by-night wash of rain, turned into a statewide tragedy, leaving devastation and traumatized citizens in it's wake.

Keep calm and play with dolls

Hey dollie lovers! Today on this Friday it's pretty dreary and rainy. The news is reporting nothing but hurricane like weather for the next several days. While I'm bunkered down in doors I've been catching up on YouTube videos. Since I made it my mission to be more involved with tag videos, I've been keeping an eye out for those. Along the way, I came across Evonne's youtube video, Keep Calm and Play with Dolls. It's not necessarily a tag, but more of a chat video. She made a lot of great points I thought I'd share here on my blog.

My hobbies and obsessions!

Today, I am bursting with creative energy. I feel like exercising, painting a picture, writing a letter, and visiting the library all at once! Crazy, right? I have my days when I want to do absolutely nothing and roll around in bed snuggling my plushies as I nap the day away. Some days I fee like waking up at 8am to do something creative. I guess that is just the mind of an artist. I want to talk to someone about all my hobbies and obsessions that I am currently excited about so what better place than to spill my guts in a blog post!

Reborn Mommy Gets Engaged!

(My teddy bear fiance and I!)

Hi Dollie Lovers! It's been a while since my last post, but I have good reason! My life has been changing a lot lately and I am constantly praying for God to lead it in the correct path. My career and job situation has changed, my reborn doll collection has changed, a lot of my hobby interests have changed and it seems like my relationship status has also changed! If you're interested in knowing the juicy details keep reading!