Big Announcement: Tamiya's New Home!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today's BIG announcement is that Tamiya Janieva, has been adopted and is on her way to her new home in Virginia. It is a bitter sweet moment, but overall I am thoroughly joyful that this rebaby girl is going to someone who is very loving and appreciative.

Over the past few months I have struggled to bond with Tamiya. As you know, she is the first doll in my collection when I started over. Over time, I think I became quite smitten with dolls that have full arms and legs (or one or the other). I pulled away from the 3/4 limbed dolls a lot. In any case, my efforts to reconnect have not went well so I ultimately decided to put her up for adoption. Within 15minutes of posting her sale, a new mommy jumped to adopt her. It all happened so fast, but I am very grateful! Not only will I have extra money for my vacation next week, I was able to contribute a portion of it to pay off Tatiana Lacey. I'm so happy about that! With my current job situation I need all the help I can get. I'm blessed to have an artist like Markita Booker to work with. She is so sweet and humbled. I'm very excited. Tatiana's hair has started to be rooted and I can't wait to see her come to life. It's pure joy to open a reborn baby from My Sweet Baby reborn nursery.

In the meantime, I am also looking forward to meeting up with Londa, one of the local reborn mommies in my area. She's such a sweet person and fun to be around. We plan to check out our nearby Once Upon A Child. They're supposed to be having some sort of stuffed bag sale ($1 items! $15 a bag!) It's always a good time and great company with Londa :) Now, I have to decide which bebe is coming with me.

Journal #1: Introduction

I used to journal a lot back in high school. Now, with the evolution of blogs and constant social media sharing, the need to physically write in a notebook is out of the window. Anyhow, I thought I would start journaling here on my dollie blog. When it's just me writing, they'll now be titled Journals.

So lately, my life has been changing. I hope it is (eventually) for the better, even though it does not feel so great. My current employment diminished from full-time to part-time and it's killing my finances. Don't worry, I won't be selling any rebabies! However, it does affect Tatiana and when she is going to be able to come home. I'm so blessed to be working with such a sweet and understanding reborn doll artist. After speaking to Markita about my situation, she was more than happy to work with me in future payments. I hope to have Tatiana home by the end of August. Currently, she is still #4 in the line up to get hair rooted and it hasn't began yet, so technically I'm not behind yet.

I haven't decided fully if I want to leave my current job for a new one, or just tough it out. I honestly don't think the company will improve enough to bring me back full-time. It's scary to be an adult with NO job! It took me six months to find work after graduation...I'd hate to be in that position again. *sigh* I am just praying God leads and guides me to the right decision.

In the meantime, I enjoy what I have! Good friends, loving family, and beautiful dollies.

My YouTube Story

Hey Dollie lovers!

I thought today I'd discuss something different. Recently, I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel about How I Create My Reborn Videos. With that being said, I thought now would be a good time to share just how I got involved in the Reborn Community as well as on YouTube! If you're interested in how I film, check out the video posted at the end.

Peachy Babies OOTD!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am showing off my cute rebabies in their peach themed outfits. Sadly, I didn't get a snap shot of Tehya on her own, but enjoy the rest of the photos! You will still find details of her adorable peach outfit below!

OOTD: Cannary Yellow Theme!

Hi Dollie Lovers!

Over the 4th of July holiday, I changed all (accept Tamiya) of my rebabies into a canary yellow theme. Yellow is such a bright and fun color and often said to evoke happy feelings. In this time of the world, any bit of happiness is needed.

Since Tamiya doesn't own any yellow wardrobe pieces she is left out of the photoshoot. I'm sorry, if you're her biggest fan! Soon, Outfits of the Day with Tamiya will be posted. You can check out my YouTube for recent video uploads and dollie chats about exactly what's up with Tamiya's absence lately. In the meantime, enjoy our outdoor photoshoot!

How to take care of your reborn doll

I recently got a very good question from a new reborn doll Mom on YouTube. She asks:

How do you take care of them? What do you do?

What a good question. I never thought to go over this until now. I can't speak for everyone, but this is what I do to take care of my reborn baby dolls:

When your reborn doll sits in one area for a long period of time, it can collect dust. With any item on display in your home it is liable to collect dust and small particles of dirt if you are not handling it daily. To remove dust from my dolls I will lightly wiped the limps with a slightly damp baby washcloth and then wipe again with a dry one. For small crevices like closed eyes, ears, nose and mouth I use a Q-Tip.

I've also been told that you can "wash" your baby's arms and legs with a dampened cloth using soap and water to remove shiny or oiliness. I have never done this because my dolls have never gotten to this degree of dirt (yet). However, if you adopt a reborn doll that may need some TLC, this may be a good idea to try.

If your reborn baby has rooted hair there is bound to be special instructions that came with him/her. Tamiya and Tehya both have human hair which I wash with baby shampoo every 3-4 months. I towel dry and put in Giovanni Light Leave In conditioner to keep it from being dry and brittle. I can use a drop of leave in conditioner every month in between washes to keep it fresh.

For baby dolls with mohair, I simply spritz Shamaar's hair with water to style. I have not tried washing it with baby soap (I don't think it is recommended either). Usually, there is special spritz conditioners for mohair, but water and a comb/brush through works fine.

So far, that is all I can think of! I do change my baby's diaper once it starts to pull up and look frumpy, but that is not often unless I am on camera filming a video; then it's just for fun! (Diapers are totally unnecessary by the way, it's just adding to to the realism of the doll).