Bonding with your reborn baby

UPDATE: As of 2016, Tamiya has been sold and adopted by a new reborn doll collector! She is no longer in my doll collection

Often in the reborn doll community you hear talk of a bond or bonding with your reborn baby. In this post, I'm going to talk about that and what it actually means. If you are new to the doll community you may be experiencing this (negative or positive) and not even know it! If you're interested in my two cents about the topic, keep reading!

What is bonding?
Bonding with your reborn baby doll is just what it sounds like as with a real child, a beloved pet, or even a friend. You are spending quality time together. In the case of a reborn doll, you are spending time looking over your doll's details (that you worked hard to pay for!), admiring the art and skill that was put into their painting and/or hair rooting. People bond in several different ways and the goal is to foster positive feelings towards your doll. No one likes to part with something they hold dear to their hearts; you will never want to sell a doll from your collection if you have a positive bond with him or her.

How do I bond with my reborn?
Any time spent with your reborn is a form of bonding! Wether you are simply posing them for display, taking photos, or changing their clothing. When you do these activities (and enjoy doing them), it fosters a positive bond with your reborn baby doll. My favorite way of bonding includes taking photos and making YouTube videos! It is also fun for some doll collectors to role-play. Role play includes doing things with your reborn baby that you'd do with a real baby: changing their diaper and clothing, bottle feeding, or posing them as if they are playing with toys. These things are also fun to make videos on and share with other collectors. None of these activities are necessary for you to have a bond with your doll, but they help! If you intend to collect reborn baby dolls just for display purposes, simply looking at them and rearranging them is probably pleasing enough.

What about losing the bond with your reborn?
Sadly, at times we have dolls that we just lose the bond, love and appreciation of. It is OK! It's nothing to feel bad for (even though, as collectors we do). At the end of the day, it is just a doll- an inanimate object. If you feel the need to sell your doll or give it to someone who adores it, that is your decision. However, if you are not interested in selling him/her, you can try the activities mentioned earlier in this article, to try and rekindle your bond.

Bonding with Tamiya Jenieva
Why am I mentioning Tamiya? Because I am trying to bond with her again, of course! Tamiya is my first reborn baby doll in the restart of my collection. She is also my first custom reborn doll. I adopted Tamiya February 2, 2015 so she is exactly one year (and six months) old. Since then, I have adopted four more rebabies! It is easy to not give as much attention to your first dolls as you do the newer ones. Having new ones is always fun! But it's important to take care of all of them properly; even if you don't change their clothing or take photos of them often.

I recently considered selling Tamiya, but I just couldn't. One rule I made for myself and my new collection was to never sell any reborn babies! I cannot collect them, if I am always getting rid of one. To make this rule easier, I've always tried to make an informed decision on my purchases to insure I will be in love with this doll, still, even a year from now. This is why most of my dolls are custom made exactly the way I want. In any case, I have decided to invest in new clothing for Miya and I am glad I did. I've gotten rid of most of her old wardrobe and the new items I love even more. I find myself holding her and interacting with her a lot more.

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