What is a reborn box opening?

Hey dollie friends!

Today I want to chat about reborn box openings...and what the heck they are! One of the most exciting experiences is the anticipation of a new reborn baby into your collection. I'll tell you all about my experience and what you should expect for a reborn baby box opening.

Bonding with your reborn baby

UPDATE: As of 2016, Tamiya has been sold and adopted by a new reborn doll collector! She is no longer in my doll collection

Often in the reborn doll community you hear talk of a bond or bonding with your reborn baby. In this post, I'm going to talk about that and what it actually means. If you are new to the doll community you may be experiencing this (negative or positive) and not even know it! If you're interested in my two cents about the topic, keep reading!

Baby Wearing: The Boba Wrap

(Image credits www.boba.com - model in light grey Boba Wrap)

I've been obsessed with baby wearing/carrying lately. Although, I do not go on reborn doll meet ups a lot (as of yet), or take my dollies on outings often, I still like to be a nerd and wear them around the house. There's something so comforting and relaxing about it. Lately, my self-diagnosed anxiety and depression have been a problem...and any little thing helps!

Reborn Mom Meet Up (Part 2)

I am back with part two of my Reborn Mom Meet Up with Kelsey, Londa, Brandy, and Jules!

After the rain stopped at the outlet mall, we all dispersed and packed up our travel systems and shopping bags. We headed to the nearby hotel Kelsey & I had reserved a room at to continue our fun! Back at the hotel, we spread out all of our precious rebabies and talked further. We got a chance to really hold each and every baby, look them over, compare them as well as do dollie surgery. Yep, that's right! Doctor Londa blessed each and every baby with something new wether it was more weight to their limbs, lessening weight on a head, or fixing a magnetic pacifier..she did it all! After the dollie surgery, Jules said her good-byes and parted from the group; it was time for her to go home.

The fun continued for several more hours with me, Kelsey, Londa, and Brandy! We decided it was time for us to head out and grab some food. Since it was my hometown, the girls looked toward me for a great place to eat and I am so glad I didn't disappoint. I chose one of my favorite Mexican cuisine spots, El Paso. I discovered this place back in college-town and I was overjoyed when a new location cropped up in my hometown. The girls and I had a great time eating, talking, and getting to know about each other's lives and family. The rain insisted on coming down, but gladly it didn't stop any of us from enjoying our selves.

Somehow, no trip is complete without a visit to ole Walmart. I decided that Doctor Londa had to do a little dollie surgery on my Trinity. We went to Walmart to get polyfil...and check out the baby section of course! It was our lucky day, as most of this season's Child of Mine brand baby clothing were on clearance! We all ended up with something. I'm happy my little Trinity got a little more weight added to her big head. She is extra cuddly. I did a pretty good job weighing her, but Londa's extra touches really made her perfect. After round two of dollie surgery, Londa and Brandy left. None of us wanted to part ways! Eventually, they did and Kelsey and I were left for the sleepover part of the evening. More girl talk and changing of each other's babies in to PJs ensued. It was so fun to cuddle and change a reborn that wasn't my own. Before long, we finally laid our heads down and went to sleep.

The next day Kels and I grabbed lunch at Wing-Stop; another favorite place of mine that hopefully I'll get to share with the others next time. We're already planning our next meet up and agree 100% that everyone should sleepover for continued fun!

Overall, it is an understatement to say that I had a good time and I miss them already!

Reborn Mom Meet Up (Part 1)

This past weekend was by far the best time I have had in a long time! For the past month, I have been getting to know four wonderful ladies from Instagram who live in my state! It is so refreshing to finally see faces and hear voices in person of friends you have met online who share the same love for reborn baby dolls as me. I got the pleasure to meet Londa (@poohbear253rebornlove | Momma to Aria), Kelsey (@sweet.little.blessings | Momma to Rhys & Maxton), Brandy (@littlegemmarose | Momma to Gemma) and Julie (@rebornxbabies) | Momma to Winston aka Winnie). Add them on Instagram and take a look at their beautiful doll collections! I forgot my camera and camcorder somehow..so the photos I'll be posting are from my sad sad cellphone! Later this week, Londa will post her vlog of our meet up and I will share with you all!