WIP Baby Tatiana Lacey

*NOTE* I have changed the name of my baby-to-be! If you see posts with the name "Tiana Lin" or "Tori Violet", this is the same reborn baby I am expecting :) Sorry for any confusion; I'm indecisive!

Yesterday, I received a happy update about my custom reborn baby, Tatiana Lacey! I bet, you all have forgotten about her. In January, I was in search of the  long sold out Maizie sculpt by Andrea Arcello. I was so happy when my favorite custom reborn artist contacted me and let me know she had one in her inventory and would happily paint it for me, during the Summer. Well, it is now Summer time and baby Tiana is in the works. I have received her first Work In Progress photos:

Baby Trinity and life update

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I haven't been online as much (Instagram & Facebook), since I've been taking a bit of a staycation. My darling boyfriend has had a full week off from work and I am taking the time to spend with him. :) I'm very blessed to have him in my life and every moment is precious. He accepts me for who I am; reborns and all *haha*

What does my family think of reborns?

Recently, an Instagram mommy, Shayla (@shaylababe93) asked a pretty good question:

"What was it like when you first got Tamiya? 
What did your family think?"

WIP: Trinity LaClaire

It has been a while since I said a peep about my custom baby Trinity LaClaire. Trinity is the six month size Easton sculpt by Michelle Fagan. She is the same size as Tehya (with the same limbs as well), but with a sweet closed-eyed sleeping face. Trinity was created by Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery.

Happy OOTD!

Today is my big day...I take my road skills test tonight to obtain my driver's license. That's another story for another day, but wish me luck! I thought it'd be appropriate to spread a little "Happy" to cheer me up! (cause I'm hella nervous!)

My Baby Gear: Graco Comfy Cruiser in Harvest

Happy Monday, Dollie Lovers!

In today's post I thought I'd gush a little bit over my travel system: the Graco Comfy Cruiser Click-Connect Travel System in the color scheme Harvest. I've had my travel system for over a month now and it's definitely time to do a review! If you're interested in baby gear to travel with your rebabies, keep reading!

Reborn Artists VS Reborn Collectors

Ever since I discovered the reborn doll community online, I've noticed that it has been an on going tiff between reborn doll artists and reborn doll collectors. Reborn doll artists are starting to give up the business of custom made reborn dolls, while collectors are feeling neglected and taken advantage of. So, who's right? This is just my two cents...