Reborn collecting hiatus

Happy Friday!

Lately, I have given my reborn doll collection great thought (as always!) I think it is time to seek out an end to my collection; at least for the remainder of 2016! I have collected quite a few beloved dolls in the past 5-6 months and I think it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy my collection as it is. As a reborn doll hobbies it is SO addictive! Even while you're waiting for a doll to be completed via custom order or arrive in the mail, you're browsing about for your next precious baby at a steal of a price. It's a shame really. My mom says I need "a meeting" (like, rehab). I'm starting to think she is right. Haha I'm only kidding.

My collection gives me great joy and relaxation. When I am feeling down or stressed out, holding a doll or changing the clothing/hair styles is all it takes for me to unwind. It gives me the opportunity to free my mind and focus on something else for awhile. Doll therapy never fails to soothe the soul.

Before I take this hiatus, I thought I'd share my current collection, currently works in progress and my future (last!) custom doll plans.

Current Collection includes

Tamiya, Shamaar, and Tehya


Easton 6month size by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Jody Slater

Maizie by Andrea Arcello
Artist: Markita Booker

Future Customs~ The Last

Name TBA
Ella Mae by Jannie de Lange
Artist: TBA

I am absolutely thrilled to have started on my custom Maizie sculpt. I've sure you've heard me mention her a million times. Her name is officially, Tiana Lyn. I am praying that this upcoming week Trinity LaClaire will be on her way home. I have done an official name reveal for her (Easton sculpt) via Youtube and Instagram, so it's safe to blurt out here! I've been going over and over in my mind the artist of who I should choose for my final baby...a toddler! I am weighing my options financially vs. quality. It's so hard! Everyone wants to save money, but sometimes quality comes at a price. I plan to enjoy Tiana and Trinity before I think about the custom toddler. My family is getting quite large! I'm totally happy with it.

As for my small, yet rewarding, Pullip collection, I am happy to see that my "grail doll", mint Kiyomi is in STOCK on I have been debating all day weather or not I want to take the plunge and order her or wait a bit longer. (I can't wait for anything; I'm sure the pressure will get to me).

Vintage Baby OOTD!

I think, out of all of Tehya's previous outfits, this one by far is my favorite. There's something about crisp cotton baby clothing in soft vintage hues that make me smile. Baby necklaces are a must! Check out this Vintage Baby Outfit of the Day and get inspired for your reborn baby's wardrobe.

Tehya's Teacup OOTD!

A while ago, I purchased Tehya some adorable baby outfits via Instagram. You'd think IG was the last place to look for gently used or in new condition baby items, but those hashtags are something else! Check out this cute two piece shorts and t-shirt set Tehya scored.

I'm a little teacup, short and stout...

The start to something beautiful: My First Pullips!

It's Monday and that means a fresh new start to the week! Since my schedule is more open, I will have plenty of time to create new dollie videos and blog posts. I'm happy about that! Today, I have some pretty awesome news. After learning (and drooling) over Pullip dolls for over eight months, I've finally decided to start my collection.

Happy News: A New Addition!

Over the weekend I came across an opportunity that was too good to resist. Even though I still have my Maizie sculpt to be custom reborn this Summer, I could not pass up this chance! Baby Tuesday was bit of a blow to my feelings, but I quickly picked myself up and moved on. I was browsing the artist Facebook page of Jody Slater. The Heavenly Butterflies Nursery is very popular in turning out beautiful, realistically painted reborn babies in all sorts of ethnic skin tones. Upon my browsing, I came across an ad the artist posted about a painted kit reservation. The post was back in March and I wasn't sure if the offer still stood, but I took a chance to contact the artist anyway. I am so glad I did!

A new type of doll for my collection?

Happy FRIYAY, dollie lovers!

I'm so glad it is the weekend. I miss hanging out with my #RebornDreamTeam and doing photoshoots with them. I hope the weather is nice outside, so I can snag a couple shoots with Tamiya & Tehya. They both are dawning really adorable outfits and I always want to share! Today, I wanted to talk about this new type of doll that I have fell in love with. It is not new to the dollie world, but new to me. Ever since I discovered Asian Ball Jointed Dolls at Mechacon last year, it has opened a whole new door to other dolls for me. I came across Pullip & Blythe dolls and instantly fell in love! Here's what I've learned so far.

Shamaar's new Balboa Baby sling

I am in love with my Tula Carrier (which I have yet to review...) but I found a steal at my local fellowship center. Only $10 for a Balboa Baby sling and I couldn't pass it up! The colors/pattern match my travel system and we all know how I like the rebabies to be matchy-matchy. Shamaar fits perfectly into it and he's so adorable!