Reborn baby wearing

It's said that baby wearing (or carrying your baby in a sling or soft structured carrier) is therapeutic and can help with anxiety. Well, frankly no baby will be benefitting from this accept me, but I am all for a new way to calm my nerves and be more Zen! I've contemplated purchasing a baby carrier in regards to my doll hobby, for quite awhile. Here are my reasons!

WIP Tehya (Photo Heavy!)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Who's looking forward to the weekend? I know this girl, is! Today, I thought I'd chat a bit about my Work In Progress, custom reborn doll, Tehya. She's very special and I'd love to share why.

Feeling the baby fever!

(Photo Credits: Google | Maizie sculpt by Andrea Arcello)

In the Reborn Doll Community, we often use fun terms used to describe babies and pregnancy, to describe our reborn doll hobby. These dollies are so realistic and life like, you cannot help but treat them like real wee ones! Currently, I am feeling the baby fever.

Welcome to my dollie blog!

Hello, everyone!

I'm so excited to debut my brand new blog, DollieLovex3. I've gained a new inspiration to begin a blog site for my hobby all about dolls! I do hope it is interesting to someone who is looking to join the reborn doll hobby or ball jointed doll hobby. For the most part, this will be a personal outlet for me to ramble on about the things I obsess over and love!

If you did not know it already, I also host a reborn doll channel on YouTube. Click the links throughout my blog to visit. On my reborn doll channel, I feature information videos for newcomers, doll unboxing debuts, hauls and much more! This year, I plan to introduce other fun videos like role playing and reborn doll meet ups. I'm so happy and can't wait to get started. I'd also like to host a giveaway at some point, but you will be sure to know it! You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date when that happens.

Thanks for stopping by!