WIP: My Dream Baby + Updates

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Forgive me for the lack of posts. I have been bouncing about on social media trying to get my online life organized and prepared for 2017. After talking to my fiance about our goals, I decided that no time like the present is a good time to start on those goals. Why make New Year's resolutions when I can do it NOW!

If you've been following me on Instagram (@DollieLovex3) or Facebook, you know that I have asked everyone's advice in order to determine a video upload schedule. I'm happy to say that, based on the feedback, my videos will go live every Friday and Sunday starting this week! I'm pretty excited, as I've been filming videos nonstop all last week, in order to upload for both my YouTube channel's new schedules. I'm proud of myself for accomplishing this and will do my very best to keep it up! It seems YouTube has underwent some algorithm changes (without any notice to their users) that effect how you subscribe, get notified and updated about your favorite 'Tubers. They even have unsubscribed you from some of them! It is a wonky change that has been effecting any channel that earns revenue from uploading content, including mine. All I can do is push forward and try my best. I greatly enjoy making new friends from this platform and sharing what I love. So, I will stick to it. I will also try to update the blog at the time of my video uploads. The topics may or not be the same as what content is uploaded, but it will be updated!

Now, on to the fun stuff...my reborn doll collection! I have been updating my Instagram and Facebook with my dream baby's progress, but I have neglected it here! A lot has taken place since my initial deposit on her, so I will just do a recap of how she got stared.

My Dream Baby (No. 2)
A couple months ago I decided to part with the only baby boy in my collection, Shamaar Anthony. He was lovingly adopted by a reborn doll Mom in Ireland. Upon his adoption, I had already made up my mind that I wanted to adopt another baby boy; this time a custom made! However, a friend of mine on Instagram informed me that the dream reborn sculpt I had wanted was available on Ebay for purchase! I couldn't pass up this opportunity. There had been two to three occasions where I wanted to purchase this this doll from another's collection and I didn't. This time around, I was not letting anyone else's opinion of this sculpt sway me. I purchased the sculpt from Ebay, communicated with the artist on the details and placed my deposit! My Mom gifted me the balance of her price as a Birthday/Christmas gift, so this little girl is definitely special to me and will NOT be leaving my collection - EVER.

Fast forward to now. It has been a couple months as I was in que for my doll to be worked on. Here are her current Work In Progress photos!

 Elyse sculpt by Cassie Brace | Reborned by Cat Johnson of CatCreations | Hazel eyes in this photo!

Today, the artist took various photos to help me decide on which eye color I wanted for this baby: Brown (which looks black on this sculpt, because of the small eye space), Hazel, and Grey.

Grey eyes

Hazel eye (left), Brown eye (right)

Ultimately, I decided to go with the hazel eyes. I love how they look with her skin tone. Over this past week she has been rooted with curly mohair and she awaits her final photoshoot! I am so excited and I pray she is shipped and arrives before Christmas. I'm far too anxious, as I thought I would be receiving this baby for my birthday on December 1st. My Mom has even been asking about her!

I've realized this whole time, I haven't revealed her name! What kind of mother am I? Haha! Introducing...Truett Michelle. I call her True and Trudy, for short. Of course, I had to stick with the T-baby name. Hopefully, next time I post I'll have some final photos to share.

Happy News!

Hey Dollie Lovers!

I hope all are having a great week! I have some great news today!

I'm moving back to my apartment.

I have enjoyed living with my fiancé and his family for the last month or so while my apartment undergoes repair. Now, the time has come to pack up and move back. This is the first time I've been able to decorate my room from scratch and not just randomly through furniture into a room. I'm grateful for those who've handed down their bedroom furniture to me since childhood, but buying your own, brand new home goods is awesome! I can't wait to do a video showing my new setup. I surely do miss Tatiana and Tehya and I can't wait to unpack them, change them, and cuddle! This weekend I'll be going out to purchase my bed comforter set.


Elyse by Cassie Brace, Reborn Artist Cat Johnson, Doll Owner Shreborn Familia
(My reborn Elyse will be made to look just like this one! Isn't she beautiful!?)

My custom reborn baby is in production starting this week!

Yes, it's official. My beautiful dream baby #2 is one step closer to being in my arms. Cat Johnson contacted me a couple days ago to announce this week she'll be starting on my baby girl from the Elyse sculpt by Cassie Brace. If you don't follow me on Instagram or YouTube (which you should!) then you missed out on the baby name reveal. In any case, she is lovingly named Truett Michelle. I'm so excited! I haven't done any "coming home" shopping for her since after unpacking everything, I have A LOT of baby clothes already. A lot of which I haven't even used yet. I do still want a pretty monogrammed blanket, though.

What are you all up to this weekend?

Journal #5: Living with Reborn Daddy

What's up Dollie Lovers!

I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd share how life has been for me recently. If you've been keeping up with my reborn doll YouTube channel, you know that I recently updated on moving in with my fiance and his family, our upcoming Question & Answers video, and the name reveal for my dream reborn baby due to come before the Christmas holidays. I'm pretty excited about that last bit.

As you know (I think?) most of my doll collection is packed away in storage. I miss Tatiana and Tehya with their cute little faces, but hopefully we will all be back home in the apartment I share with my Mom, by Christmas. For now, Trinity is here with me. To be honest, I don't take her out and hold/cuddle her as much as I thought I would. I guess I don't feel as comfortable to do so in a new living space. A couple weeks ago I introduced my dolls to my future mother-in-law. I was nervous, but I thought I'd do it now instead of being in an awkward position later when she happend to walk in on me doing a YouTube video or changing her outfit. She knew that I had a doll collection but she didn't know exactly what kind of dolls. Thankfully, she welcomed my hobby and thought they were so cute. Even so, after the big reveal to my mother-in-law, I still don't cuddle Trin as much. For the most part she stays wrapped and safe in her blankie packed away in my baby tote bag.

On a day to day basis, Reborn Daddy gets up at 4am to work. I usually get up with him to see him off, stay up for a couple hours, and then fall back to sleep around 7am until 10am. After I finally wake up for good, I clean around the apartment, get laundry together and fix any food for my hubs and myself. On certain days I will also work on my artwork for my weekly art YouTube videos (Mara Medium). I also work on graphic design commissions from time to time. For the most part, I'm browsing the internet and working on my artwork. It's not exciting, but it gives me time to think (which may or may not be  good thing)

Some good news though, it's been confirmed that my apartment is finally repaired and we can move back in! Yay! I'm excited to get things back to normal and start focusing on what I am going to do come 2017 to reach my next life goal. Wish me luck!

Journal #4: Relocating and YouTube videos

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

Today's Journal entry, of course, is about what's going on in my personal life...but more so about the future of my YouTube channel. If you follow me on Instagram (@DollieLovex3) you know that I am relocating. No, I am not moving back home just yet, but relocating to a new place of living. I will now be living with my fiance and his Mom at their apartment. I'm happy and grateful to be sharing a space with my love, but like they say: There's no place like home. I enjoy my future mother-in-law's company but honestly, I miss my own mother as well. Yesterday, my Mom and I were on the hunt for apartment availability. I am hoping that some of the phone calls we made are returned soon.

In regards to our previous apartment being repaired...I don't know what's going on. The landowners claim they will repair it, but never can say WHEN. Despite his promise that November 1st we'll be able to move back in. I see that being very unlikely given that the first of the month is within two weeks. At this point, I want my Mom to get her apartment deposit back so she can use it to find a new place to live. Renting is just such a trying task. All I can do now is pray.

So, what's all this mean for my YouTube channel? Well, it means I am going to try my hardest for nothing to really change, but I will be uploading less frequently. I am not able to take all of my belongings and reborn dolls/reborn items but I am grateful my fiance is such a sweetheart and does not mind me bringing some things. I will be able to bring Trinity LaClaire, a few changes of her clothes/shoes/socks, and some accessories in order to do a few videos. I will be uploading once a week; possibly twice a week if I find awesome and interesting tag videos to participate in. I chose Trinity to bring with me mainly because she is low-maintenance in comparison to my other reborns. She has closed eyes and mouth, so I don't have to clean dust from her as often. She is a bald baby, which means less hair accessories and hair products to bring to maintain her hair. I thought it was a smart choice. Surprisingly (and unknown to me) Trinity is my fiance's least favorite reborn!

I have also condensed and packed my art supplies in order to push through and keep up my weekly art videos. I upload every Thursday. It was a challenge to finally start this art channel and I do not want this to be a stumbling block for me now. Wish me luck!

Exciting News!

Happy Saturday, Dollie Lovers! Today is a beautiful and sunny day out. I love clear and cheerful weather. I hope all your reborn collectors are having a good week. I have some exciting news in regards to my reborn doll collection and I couldn't wait to tell you all! Watch my video below as well as Tehya & Tatiana's cute outfit of the day).  :)

OOTD with my reborn girls!

It's been quite fun dressing the girls in matching outfits, now that it's a boy-free reborn zone! Check out our video and let me know what you think!

Journal #3: Happy Mail, Penpals, and stuff

Happy Monday, dollie lovers!

I haven't been posting for the last few days since I have been spending time with my love. We don't live together, so when he is off from work I spend my time with him. Now, I am back home, near my rebabies :)

I'm excited to share, that Tehya, Trinity and Tatiana received their first happy mail package! Happy Mail, in the reborn community, is the term used to signify a fun package received in the mail from a friend or fan of your reborn dolls. These gifts are usually unplanned and spontaneous; who doesn't love that? To be honest, I never wanted to receive any happy mail. I am the type of person who feels one gift deserves another. I always love giving gifts without accepting anything in return, but when it comes to me receiving I can be hard headed :) In this case, our friend Billie in Texas was not having it! She was quite adamant on sending the rebabies a gift so I agreed to give her my mailing address. I'm so blessed and touched by her sweet spirit and generosity. If you're curious to see what our first happy mail was, watch our video here: Happy Mail From Auntie Billie!

Speaking of mail, a month or so ago I decided to take up my hobby of penpalling again. It's been a rewarding journey so far, as this time I've decided to take on penpals who are also into reborn doll collecting. I love it! I've always loved learning about other people's day-to-day lives and making friends in other places. I've also made a few new non-reborn collector friends as well (including reconnecting with 3 pals I've had in the past). I miss collecting cute stationary, stickers and address labels. My Hello Kitty infatuation never will die.

Aside from that, Shamaar (now named Philo) is home with his new family in Ireland! The loving new reborn parents are thrilled with him and have sent me several e-mails of gratitude for allowing them to adopt him. Selling from your personal doll collection can be rough at times, but it brings me great joy in knowing the recipients are over the moon happy. You can check out future videos with Philo on YouTube KCIEBENZ. In other news, the landowners of our apartment have promised that repairs will be complete by November 1st or the first week of. I am praying this is true, as our neighbor next door has heard otherwise. I am praying things come together for us so we can move back to our home. I am forever grateful for my family's generosity and welcoming us (including my dolls!) into their house, but there truly is no place like home.

Shamaar's new home in Ireland!

Hello dollie lovers!

I am so excited, I couldn't wait to tell you all. Shamaar has been up for adopting for the last 5-7 days and today, he has found a lovely new Mom...all the way in Ireland!

Adopting A Reborn Doll: What to Expect

I've written a lot of articles going over reborn dolls for collectors who are just starting or those interested in getting into the reborn doll hobby, however I've never tackled this topic (at least not in depth), so today, I will!

Adopting A Reborn Doll: Second Hand (Ebay)

A lot of doll collectors adopt reborn dolls second hand. This doesn't mean dolls are of lesser quality or even not brand new. This just signifies the doll has had a previous owner (or more than one previous owners). Most doll collectors take care of their pieces of art, so even pre-owned dolls are in good condition.

When purchasing on Ebay, you can purchase as Buy It Now or participate in a bidding process. Once you've won, or made your purchase, your dolls usually ships within 1-2 days and then it takes 3-4 days for it to arrive in the mail,  depending on how close you are to the seller's location.

Usually with Ebay purchases, there is no avenue for setting up a layaway or partial payment plan. You must pay in full to own the reborn doll.

Adopting A Reborn Doll: Second Hand (Facebook/Instagram)

When adopting a reborn doll via social media you directly get to talk to the doll owner, without having to go through any storefront service (like Ebay). In doing so, you can ask the seller all your questions as well as asking if they have any layaway options.

Once you and the doll collector have come to an agreement, Paypal is used to send money to the recipient. The person you are purchasing from will give you a time frame as to when your package should be shipped as well as provide you with a tracking number, to follow your packages trip through the mail to your door!

Adopting A Reborn Doll: Custom Doll Order

I have created an article on this topic, you can view it here: Custom Made Reborn Dolls

However, you must be aware that a custom made reborn doll does require that you have patience! Custom made works of art take time and this time period depends on factors such as: the artist's schedule, the artist's current list of orders that need to be completed, and any special details needing to be done on your doll.

Each time frame for a reborn doll varies by the artist, so you must discuss this with your chosen artist. Most dolls take between 3-6 weeks to complete, if not more. Some artist also have a waiting list; in which you may be waiting a month or more before the artist starts to create your doll. If you are interested in getting a doll very quickly, a custom order may not be your best decision, but you can talk to your chosen artist and see if a negotiation is possible.

Reborn dolls; custom made or otherwise, are not cheap! A custom reborn doll can be anywhere from $500- thousands of dollars. It all depends on what you want in a doll and the size of the doll (as well as materials used by the artist and the artist's time). A lot of artists have a layaway/payment plan option, but this is a topic to discuss with your artist; as it varies with every creator.

And, that is it! I hope this was able to help someone :) For more information on each of these topics, check out the Resources tab at the top of the blog.

Welcome Home Tatiana Lacey!

Tatiana Lacey has finally seen the end of her journey from Virginia to Louisiana! Fedex had me with labor pains; waiting almost all day for her arrival. She landed in my state around 8:30am but arrived at 5:30pm. Needless to say, I was anxious all day!

I immediately headed to the yard to film in the shade, but still try and get decent sunlight. I think I failed at that, but overall I am happy with her box opening footage. Take a look at her beautiful box opening! Thank you so much Markita Booker!

Negativity in the Reborn Doll Community

The negativity in the Reborn Doll Community has really been working my nerves. It makes me want to retreat away from social media and take my dollies with me. I do not think anyone's opinions of my dolls could ever bash my interest so much as to stop collecting dolls, but the negativity definitely makes me want to be less active in sharing.

There once was a time where the Reborn Community was together against all the negative comments and misunderstanding of doll collectors, portrayed by the media and those who did not understand the hobby. We were banded as one to educate the ignorant on doll collecting, the value of the dolls and the art and creation of them. Now, media has accepted our hobby as legit in some way or another and people are familiar to the hobby.

Today, the negativity does not come from those outside the hobby, but from within! I would have never thought I'd see the day when collectors try and dictate who is accepted or not in the community based on their dolls!? Since when did this become a pissing contest over who has the prettiest, most expensive, most RARE and limited edition doll? When did silicone dolls reign supreme and superior in comparison to vinyl dolls? Like, who made the "rules"? Its complete nonsense is what it is. I would like my friends and I to enjoy our dolls and enjoy sharing them without always having the feeling of "lesser than" to the next collector. Every doll (whether reborn or not!) is precious and beautiful to its collector and that's all it needs to be.

On another note...

It is so freaking RUDE when people demand to purchase my dolls when they are clearly not for sale. It is also equally as rude when people want to put in a bid in advance "if you sell your doll". I'm quite happy with my dollies and looking forward to getting a new one and all anyone could think is "I hope she sells her?" And lets not talk about the people who email and message me to send them a doll for free.

What the hell is wrong with people?!

WIP: Tatiana's Artist Photoshoot

("Maizie" sculpt by Andrea Arcello | Reborn Artist Markita Booker)

The time is oh so near! Tatiana Lacey will officially be shipped off tomorrow and due to arrive at my door step this Wednesday. (Woohoo FEDEX Overnight!) I'm so excited and a lot of my reborn friends in the community are as well. Here are her pictures lovingly taken by the artist, Markita Booker.

WIP: Tatiana Lacey (No. 2)

I'm so excited! The time is drawing near to Tatiana Lacey's completion! With everything that is going on in my life, I could use a little ray of sunshine. What better happiness than the arrival of a new reborn baby in my collection!

Dollie plans for the future

*Note* All of these plans have changed since the creation of this post...haha Reborn doll collectors change their minds ALL the time.

(Photo Credits Google Search)

With everything going on in life right now, thinking of my reborn doll hobby helps keep the anxiety and depression at bay. It's nice to have something else to focus on, other than the negativity in life, ya know? I suggest anyone indulge in a hobby if it helps you keep your head at times. No matter if it is cooking, playing video games, learning a new song to sing, dancing, whatever! Mine is reborn dolls. So, I'll tell you my thoughts for my collection in the future!

How I Care for My Doll's Hair

The day has finally come when it's due time for Tehya Cassidy's very first hair washing. I thought this would be a good time to go over my process for taking care of my reborn dolls' hair. Keep reading if you're interested.

Journal #2: Natural disasters, life changes, and more

(Photo Credits: local news station)

I thought it was time for me to make a post about the latest happenings in my life. I'm blessed to even have the means to make this post and still stay in touch with friends, family and the dolly community given the situation. If you haven't been tuned to the news, Thursday July 11 started the downpour of rain on Louisiana. What we expected to be another fly-by-night wash of rain, turned into a statewide tragedy, leaving devastation and traumatized citizens in it's wake.

Keep calm and play with dolls

Hey dollie lovers! Today on this Friday it's pretty dreary and rainy. The news is reporting nothing but hurricane like weather for the next several days. While I'm bunkered down in doors I've been catching up on YouTube videos. Since I made it my mission to be more involved with tag videos, I've been keeping an eye out for those. Along the way, I came across Evonne's youtube video, Keep Calm and Play with Dolls. It's not necessarily a tag, but more of a chat video. She made a lot of great points I thought I'd share here on my blog.

My hobbies and obsessions!

Today, I am bursting with creative energy. I feel like exercising, painting a picture, writing a letter, and visiting the library all at once! Crazy, right? I have my days when I want to do absolutely nothing and roll around in bed snuggling my plushies as I nap the day away. Some days I fee like waking up at 8am to do something creative. I guess that is just the mind of an artist. I want to talk to someone about all my hobbies and obsessions that I am currently excited about so what better place than to spill my guts in a blog post!

Reborn Mommy Gets Engaged!

(My teddy bear fiance and I!)

Hi Dollie Lovers! It's been a while since my last post, but I have good reason! My life has been changing a lot lately and I am constantly praying for God to lead it in the correct path. My career and job situation has changed, my reborn doll collection has changed, a lot of my hobby interests have changed and it seems like my relationship status has also changed! If you're interested in knowing the juicy details keep reading!

Big Announcement: Tamiya's New Home!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today's BIG announcement is that Tamiya Janieva, has been adopted and is on her way to her new home in Virginia. It is a bitter sweet moment, but overall I am thoroughly joyful that this rebaby girl is going to someone who is very loving and appreciative.

Over the past few months I have struggled to bond with Tamiya. As you know, she is the first doll in my collection when I started over. Over time, I think I became quite smitten with dolls that have full arms and legs (or one or the other). I pulled away from the 3/4 limbed dolls a lot. In any case, my efforts to reconnect have not went well so I ultimately decided to put her up for adoption. Within 15minutes of posting her sale, a new mommy jumped to adopt her. It all happened so fast, but I am very grateful! Not only will I have extra money for my vacation next week, I was able to contribute a portion of it to pay off Tatiana Lacey. I'm so happy about that! With my current job situation I need all the help I can get. I'm blessed to have an artist like Markita Booker to work with. She is so sweet and humbled. I'm very excited. Tatiana's hair has started to be rooted and I can't wait to see her come to life. It's pure joy to open a reborn baby from My Sweet Baby reborn nursery.

In the meantime, I am also looking forward to meeting up with Londa, one of the local reborn mommies in my area. She's such a sweet person and fun to be around. We plan to check out our nearby Once Upon A Child. They're supposed to be having some sort of stuffed bag sale ($1 items! $15 a bag!) It's always a good time and great company with Londa :) Now, I have to decide which bebe is coming with me.

Journal #1: Introduction

I used to journal a lot back in high school. Now, with the evolution of blogs and constant social media sharing, the need to physically write in a notebook is out of the window. Anyhow, I thought I would start journaling here on my dollie blog. When it's just me writing, they'll now be titled Journals.

So lately, my life has been changing. I hope it is (eventually) for the better, even though it does not feel so great. My current employment diminished from full-time to part-time and it's killing my finances. Don't worry, I won't be selling any rebabies! However, it does affect Tatiana and when she is going to be able to come home. I'm so blessed to be working with such a sweet and understanding reborn doll artist. After speaking to Markita about my situation, she was more than happy to work with me in future payments. I hope to have Tatiana home by the end of August. Currently, she is still #4 in the line up to get hair rooted and it hasn't began yet, so technically I'm not behind yet.

I haven't decided fully if I want to leave my current job for a new one, or just tough it out. I honestly don't think the company will improve enough to bring me back full-time. It's scary to be an adult with NO job! It took me six months to find work after graduation...I'd hate to be in that position again. *sigh* I am just praying God leads and guides me to the right decision.

In the meantime, I enjoy what I have! Good friends, loving family, and beautiful dollies.

My YouTube Story

Hey Dollie lovers!

I thought today I'd discuss something different. Recently, I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel about How I Create My Reborn Videos. With that being said, I thought now would be a good time to share just how I got involved in the Reborn Community as well as on YouTube! If you're interested in how I film, check out the video posted at the end.

Peachy Babies OOTD!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am showing off my cute rebabies in their peach themed outfits. Sadly, I didn't get a snap shot of Tehya on her own, but enjoy the rest of the photos! You will still find details of her adorable peach outfit below!

OOTD: Cannary Yellow Theme!

Hi Dollie Lovers!

Over the 4th of July holiday, I changed all (accept Tamiya) of my rebabies into a canary yellow theme. Yellow is such a bright and fun color and often said to evoke happy feelings. In this time of the world, any bit of happiness is needed.

Since Tamiya doesn't own any yellow wardrobe pieces she is left out of the photoshoot. I'm sorry, if you're her biggest fan! Soon, Outfits of the Day with Tamiya will be posted. You can check out my YouTube for recent video uploads and dollie chats about exactly what's up with Tamiya's absence lately. In the meantime, enjoy our outdoor photoshoot!

How to take care of your reborn doll

I recently got a very good question from a new reborn doll Mom on YouTube. She asks:

How do you take care of them? What do you do?

What a good question. I never thought to go over this until now. I can't speak for everyone, but this is what I do to take care of my reborn baby dolls:

When your reborn doll sits in one area for a long period of time, it can collect dust. With any item on display in your home it is liable to collect dust and small particles of dirt if you are not handling it daily. To remove dust from my dolls I will lightly wiped the limps with a slightly damp baby washcloth and then wipe again with a dry one. For small crevices like closed eyes, ears, nose and mouth I use a Q-Tip.

I've also been told that you can "wash" your baby's arms and legs with a dampened cloth using soap and water to remove shiny or oiliness. I have never done this because my dolls have never gotten to this degree of dirt (yet). However, if you adopt a reborn doll that may need some TLC, this may be a good idea to try.

If your reborn baby has rooted hair there is bound to be special instructions that came with him/her. Tamiya and Tehya both have human hair which I wash with baby shampoo every 3-4 months. I towel dry and put in Giovanni Light Leave In conditioner to keep it from being dry and brittle. I can use a drop of leave in conditioner every month in between washes to keep it fresh.

For baby dolls with mohair, I simply spritz Shamaar's hair with water to style. I have not tried washing it with baby soap (I don't think it is recommended either). Usually, there is special spritz conditioners for mohair, but water and a comb/brush through works fine.

So far, that is all I can think of! I do change my baby's diaper once it starts to pull up and look frumpy, but that is not often unless I am on camera filming a video; then it's just for fun! (Diapers are totally unnecessary by the way, it's just adding to to the realism of the doll).

What is a reborn box opening?

Hey dollie friends!

Today I want to chat about reborn box openings...and what the heck they are! One of the most exciting experiences is the anticipation of a new reborn baby into your collection. I'll tell you all about my experience and what you should expect for a reborn baby box opening.

Bonding with your reborn baby

UPDATE: As of 2016, Tamiya has been sold and adopted by a new reborn doll collector! She is no longer in my doll collection

Often in the reborn doll community you hear talk of a bond or bonding with your reborn baby. In this post, I'm going to talk about that and what it actually means. If you are new to the doll community you may be experiencing this (negative or positive) and not even know it! If you're interested in my two cents about the topic, keep reading!

Baby Wearing: The Boba Wrap

(Image credits www.boba.com - model in light grey Boba Wrap)

I've been obsessed with baby wearing/carrying lately. Although, I do not go on reborn doll meet ups a lot (as of yet), or take my dollies on outings often, I still like to be a nerd and wear them around the house. There's something so comforting and relaxing about it. Lately, my self-diagnosed anxiety and depression have been a problem...and any little thing helps!

Reborn Mom Meet Up (Part 2)

I am back with part two of my Reborn Mom Meet Up with Kelsey, Londa, Brandy, and Jules!

After the rain stopped at the outlet mall, we all dispersed and packed up our travel systems and shopping bags. We headed to the nearby hotel Kelsey & I had reserved a room at to continue our fun! Back at the hotel, we spread out all of our precious rebabies and talked further. We got a chance to really hold each and every baby, look them over, compare them as well as do dollie surgery. Yep, that's right! Doctor Londa blessed each and every baby with something new wether it was more weight to their limbs, lessening weight on a head, or fixing a magnetic pacifier..she did it all! After the dollie surgery, Jules said her good-byes and parted from the group; it was time for her to go home.

The fun continued for several more hours with me, Kelsey, Londa, and Brandy! We decided it was time for us to head out and grab some food. Since it was my hometown, the girls looked toward me for a great place to eat and I am so glad I didn't disappoint. I chose one of my favorite Mexican cuisine spots, El Paso. I discovered this place back in college-town and I was overjoyed when a new location cropped up in my hometown. The girls and I had a great time eating, talking, and getting to know about each other's lives and family. The rain insisted on coming down, but gladly it didn't stop any of us from enjoying our selves.

Somehow, no trip is complete without a visit to ole Walmart. I decided that Doctor Londa had to do a little dollie surgery on my Trinity. We went to Walmart to get polyfil...and check out the baby section of course! It was our lucky day, as most of this season's Child of Mine brand baby clothing were on clearance! We all ended up with something. I'm happy my little Trinity got a little more weight added to her big head. She is extra cuddly. I did a pretty good job weighing her, but Londa's extra touches really made her perfect. After round two of dollie surgery, Londa and Brandy left. None of us wanted to part ways! Eventually, they did and Kelsey and I were left for the sleepover part of the evening. More girl talk and changing of each other's babies in to PJs ensued. It was so fun to cuddle and change a reborn that wasn't my own. Before long, we finally laid our heads down and went to sleep.

The next day Kels and I grabbed lunch at Wing-Stop; another favorite place of mine that hopefully I'll get to share with the others next time. We're already planning our next meet up and agree 100% that everyone should sleepover for continued fun!

Overall, it is an understatement to say that I had a good time and I miss them already!

Reborn Mom Meet Up (Part 1)

This past weekend was by far the best time I have had in a long time! For the past month, I have been getting to know four wonderful ladies from Instagram who live in my state! It is so refreshing to finally see faces and hear voices in person of friends you have met online who share the same love for reborn baby dolls as me. I got the pleasure to meet Londa (@poohbear253rebornlove | Momma to Aria), Kelsey (@sweet.little.blessings | Momma to Rhys & Maxton), Brandy (@littlegemmarose | Momma to Gemma) and Julie (@rebornxbabies) | Momma to Winston aka Winnie). Add them on Instagram and take a look at their beautiful doll collections! I forgot my camera and camcorder somehow..so the photos I'll be posting are from my sad sad cellphone! Later this week, Londa will post her vlog of our meet up and I will share with you all!

WIP Baby Tatiana Lacey

*NOTE* I have changed the name of my baby-to-be! If you see posts with the name "Tiana Lin" or "Tori Violet", this is the same reborn baby I am expecting :) Sorry for any confusion; I'm indecisive!

Yesterday, I received a happy update about my custom reborn baby, Tatiana Lacey! I bet, you all have forgotten about her. In January, I was in search of the  long sold out Maizie sculpt by Andrea Arcello. I was so happy when my favorite custom reborn artist contacted me and let me know she had one in her inventory and would happily paint it for me, during the Summer. Well, it is now Summer time and baby Tiana is in the works. I have received her first Work In Progress photos:

Baby Trinity and life update

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I haven't been online as much (Instagram & Facebook), since I've been taking a bit of a staycation. My darling boyfriend has had a full week off from work and I am taking the time to spend with him. :) I'm very blessed to have him in my life and every moment is precious. He accepts me for who I am; reborns and all *haha*

What does my family think of reborns?

Recently, an Instagram mommy, Shayla (@shaylababe93) asked a pretty good question:

"What was it like when you first got Tamiya? 
What did your family think?"

WIP: Trinity LaClaire

It has been a while since I said a peep about my custom baby Trinity LaClaire. Trinity is the six month size Easton sculpt by Michelle Fagan. She is the same size as Tehya (with the same limbs as well), but with a sweet closed-eyed sleeping face. Trinity was created by Jody Slater of Heavenly Butterflies Nursery.

Happy OOTD!

Today is my big day...I take my road skills test tonight to obtain my driver's license. That's another story for another day, but wish me luck! I thought it'd be appropriate to spread a little "Happy" to cheer me up! (cause I'm hella nervous!)

My Baby Gear: Graco Comfy Cruiser in Harvest

Happy Monday, Dollie Lovers!

In today's post I thought I'd gush a little bit over my travel system: the Graco Comfy Cruiser Click-Connect Travel System in the color scheme Harvest. I've had my travel system for over a month now and it's definitely time to do a review! If you're interested in baby gear to travel with your rebabies, keep reading!

Reborn Artists VS Reborn Collectors

Ever since I discovered the reborn doll community online, I've noticed that it has been an on going tiff between reborn doll artists and reborn doll collectors. Reborn doll artists are starting to give up the business of custom made reborn dolls, while collectors are feeling neglected and taken advantage of. So, who's right? This is just my two cents...

Reborn collecting hiatus

Happy Friday!

Lately, I have given my reborn doll collection great thought (as always!) I think it is time to seek out an end to my collection; at least for the remainder of 2016! I have collected quite a few beloved dolls in the past 5-6 months and I think it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy my collection as it is. As a reborn doll hobbies it is SO addictive! Even while you're waiting for a doll to be completed via custom order or arrive in the mail, you're browsing about for your next precious baby at a steal of a price. It's a shame really. My mom says I need "a meeting" (like, rehab). I'm starting to think she is right. Haha I'm only kidding.

My collection gives me great joy and relaxation. When I am feeling down or stressed out, holding a doll or changing the clothing/hair styles is all it takes for me to unwind. It gives me the opportunity to free my mind and focus on something else for awhile. Doll therapy never fails to soothe the soul.

Before I take this hiatus, I thought I'd share my current collection, currently works in progress and my future (last!) custom doll plans.

Current Collection includes

Tamiya, Shamaar, and Tehya


Easton 6month size by Michelle Fagan
Artist: Jody Slater

Maizie by Andrea Arcello
Artist: Markita Booker

Future Customs~ The Last

Name TBA
Ella Mae by Jannie de Lange
Artist: TBA

I am absolutely thrilled to have started on my custom Maizie sculpt. I've sure you've heard me mention her a million times. Her name is officially, Tiana Lyn. I am praying that this upcoming week Trinity LaClaire will be on her way home. I have done an official name reveal for her (Easton sculpt) via Youtube and Instagram, so it's safe to blurt out here! I've been going over and over in my mind the artist of who I should choose for my final baby...a toddler! I am weighing my options financially vs. quality. It's so hard! Everyone wants to save money, but sometimes quality comes at a price. I plan to enjoy Tiana and Trinity before I think about the custom toddler. My family is getting quite large! I'm totally happy with it.

As for my small, yet rewarding, Pullip collection, I am happy to see that my "grail doll", mint Kiyomi is in STOCK on Pullipstyle.com I have been debating all day weather or not I want to take the plunge and order her or wait a bit longer. (I can't wait for anything; I'm sure the pressure will get to me).

Vintage Baby OOTD!

I think, out of all of Tehya's previous outfits, this one by far is my favorite. There's something about crisp cotton baby clothing in soft vintage hues that make me smile. Baby necklaces are a must! Check out this Vintage Baby Outfit of the Day and get inspired for your reborn baby's wardrobe.

Tehya's Teacup OOTD!

A while ago, I purchased Tehya some adorable baby outfits via Instagram. You'd think IG was the last place to look for gently used or in new condition baby items, but those hashtags are something else! Check out this cute two piece shorts and t-shirt set Tehya scored.

I'm a little teacup, short and stout...

The start to something beautiful: My First Pullips!

It's Monday and that means a fresh new start to the week! Since my schedule is more open, I will have plenty of time to create new dollie videos and blog posts. I'm happy about that! Today, I have some pretty awesome news. After learning (and drooling) over Pullip dolls for over eight months, I've finally decided to start my collection.

Happy News: A New Addition!

Over the weekend I came across an opportunity that was too good to resist. Even though I still have my Maizie sculpt to be custom reborn this Summer, I could not pass up this chance! Baby Tuesday was bit of a blow to my feelings, but I quickly picked myself up and moved on. I was browsing the artist Facebook page of Jody Slater. The Heavenly Butterflies Nursery is very popular in turning out beautiful, realistically painted reborn babies in all sorts of ethnic skin tones. Upon my browsing, I came across an ad the artist posted about a painted kit reservation. The post was back in March and I wasn't sure if the offer still stood, but I took a chance to contact the artist anyway. I am so glad I did!

A new type of doll for my collection?

Happy FRIYAY, dollie lovers!

I'm so glad it is the weekend. I miss hanging out with my #RebornDreamTeam and doing photoshoots with them. I hope the weather is nice outside, so I can snag a couple shoots with Tamiya & Tehya. They both are dawning really adorable outfits and I always want to share! Today, I wanted to talk about this new type of doll that I have fell in love with. It is not new to the dollie world, but new to me. Ever since I discovered Asian Ball Jointed Dolls at Mechacon last year, it has opened a whole new door to other dolls for me. I came across Pullip & Blythe dolls and instantly fell in love! Here's what I've learned so far.

Shamaar's new Balboa Baby sling

I am in love with my Tula Carrier (which I have yet to review...) but I found a steal at my local fellowship center. Only $10 for a Balboa Baby sling and I couldn't pass it up! The colors/pattern match my travel system and we all know how I like the rebabies to be matchy-matchy. Shamaar fits perfectly into it and he's so adorable!

My first baby box swap!

Yesterday, my swap partner's Baby Box arrived in the mail! If you've been following me on Instagram, you know that a couple weeks ago I posted about my want for a reborn baby clothing box swap partner. I've seen a lot of other hobbyist do this in the reborn community, and I wanted to try it too. Thanks to Nickholas in Ohio for being my first ever partner!

Tamara: My Life Story

Today's post is going to be a little different.

I want my viewers and readers to get to know me!  Yes, there is a teeny tiny About Me section here on DollieLovex3, but why not? There is a lot more to me than what I post on Youtube. For starters, I am a human being...and that's basically it. Haha! I feel like those who view my videos think I am some sort of celebrity. Trust me,  I am just like any one else. :)

Happy Belated Easter! and Tuesday update

Happy (belated) Easter holiday, to everyone! I had a wonderful Easter holiday...I was off from work on Good Friday and got the chance to do videos and dollie photoshoots. That's always fun for me. Not only that, but my sweet baby Tuesday Grace arrived as well. Her delivery is a bit bittersweet...

A special delivery!

If you haven't heard already, I am expecting a new addition to my reborn baby doll collection! I originally had no intentions in expanding until this Summer (when my custom Maizie would be created), but the opportunity to adopt this cutie came along and I couldn't resist. Thanks to the talented Randee Renee Howe of Randee's Reborns, I will be bringing home this beautiful rebaby girl!


I debated awhile wether or not I wanted to discuss this, but why not!

I'm always one to count my blessings, but lately I am especially thankful for the friends and family God has allowed to enter into my life. I'd like to think I am a unique person. I have a unique sense of things and outlook on the world, and most often than not, that view is totally the opposite of everyone else. That being said, it takes a very kind-hearted, open minded and forward thinker to be my friend. I am not a person to dwell on the differences of others, but instead, embrace them and love them for who they are and what they like.

Let's be real. A 27 year old woman playing with dolls is not exactly mainstream.

I get it!

However, this is a judge free zone. Everyone has their quirks that makes them special. Reborn doll collecting is mine. I love to tell people that I collect realistic baby dolls. Their expressions is always priceless. So, today, I reflect on the people I have met and those who have supported me, through everything.

Mom: I'm so thankful for my Mom. You would think "Well she's your Mom! She has to support you" That is not true. I know a lot of women who are not close to their mothers and do not have a relationship with them, but my Mom and I are truly a pair. She is my best friend and I am blessed to be her daughter. She has never discouraged me in any of my interests: career, hobby, love & relationships..never! She has always been supportive and given her advice when asked. She's always there for me. I hope I can only be the best daughter possible and take care of her when her days are old.

Boyfriend: It is a true act from God that Scotty came into my life. I honestly feel he is the male version of myself. Just like I am artistic (computer graphics) so is he! He is such a good chef, videographer, online gamer and overall media personality! He loves to create youtube videos like me and he streams live videos on Twitch. He has never made me feel out of place or less than human in regards to my reborn doll collections. Of course, teasing is to be expected since he's a boy! Overall, I can't imagine my life without him and I pray for him daily.

Online friends: I don't have a lot of online close friends, in my opinion, but keeping the social circle small has always been how I operate. This world is full of cruel and ugly spirited people, so it is by the grace of God that I have met a few good ones- and online of all places! The reborn doll community has its ups and downs but I am thankful for good natured and sensible online friends. Wether it's to talk dolls with or real world problems, they are there. I will not go down the list, as I would hate to miss anyone, but if you have spoken to me in any capacity, your attention is much appreciated and I am grateful for you.

I just felt the need to share this. :)

OOTD: Comfy and Cute!

Hello, Dollie Lovers!

I've been taking a much needed break from work in order to get over a recent illness. Nothing life threatening, but I am glad to sit back for a couple days and let the medicine work its magic. Nevertheless, I am always in good spirits to dress Tehya. In fact, I probably should leave her a lone! She's so adorable though I cannot resist, who could!?

OOTD: Summer Ready!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tehya and I are back to showcase yet another adorable outfit of the day! I have been enjoying dressing this big girl way too much! I hope you all enjoy her photos. If you're interested in creating a reborn baby bottle for your own dollie darling, check out my step-by-step tutorial in the Resource Center. You can also check out my youtube channel on Making Reborn Baby Milk Bottles for a good visual of how I do it!

OOTD: Hipster Fashionista

I am having way too much dressing Tehya up! Don't worry, I do not change her daily; I am just now getting around to posting these photos so it seems that way. Shopping is fun for a large baby at six months size, however it can be a bit tricky. I'll share some info on this reborn doll kit if you're interested in getting one of Michelle Fagan's 6 month size babies.

OOTD: Tye-Die & Butterflies

Happy Monday, everyone!

I've been trying to refrain from changing Tehya too often; she's so much fun to dress! It's Monday and I received her Thursday. I think I have been on my best behavior and only switched her outfits a total of 3 times. Now that it's back to work, it's easier for her to stay in one outfit for awhile. Check out Tehya's very first outfit change. She's such a hipster fashionista!

Tehya's Big Box Opening!

After a tiring day, it was great to be able to secure my packages and film Tehya's huge box opening! I am so happy to be sharing her with you all here, on the blog, and on YouTube. I am happy to announce she made it home safely and she is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much to the talented and sweet Markita Booker of My Sweet Baby Reborn Nursery. Her work is truly my favorite. Enjoy the video!

Tehya and Tula Update

Happy Leap Day, everyone! Actually, Leap Day was yesterday (2/29/16), but as it feels like my second Monday...yea. I have exciting news! My newest baby girl, Tehya Cassidy is complete AND my Tula Baby Carrier from LilTulips has arrived in the mail. So much fun stuff, I can barely contain my excitement.

Reborn baby wearing

It's said that baby wearing (or carrying your baby in a sling or soft structured carrier) is therapeutic and can help with anxiety. Well, frankly no baby will be benefitting from this accept me, but I am all for a new way to calm my nerves and be more Zen! I've contemplated purchasing a baby carrier in regards to my doll hobby, for quite awhile. Here are my reasons!

WIP Tehya (Photo Heavy!)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Who's looking forward to the weekend? I know this girl, is! Today, I thought I'd chat a bit about my Work In Progress, custom reborn doll, Tehya. She's very special and I'd love to share why.

Feeling the baby fever!

(Photo Credits: Google | Maizie sculpt by Andrea Arcello)

In the Reborn Doll Community, we often use fun terms used to describe babies and pregnancy, to describe our reborn doll hobby. These dollies are so realistic and life like, you cannot help but treat them like real wee ones! Currently, I am feeling the baby fever.

Welcome to my dollie blog!

Hello, everyone!

I'm so excited to debut my brand new blog, DollieLovex3. I've gained a new inspiration to begin a blog site for my hobby all about dolls! I do hope it is interesting to someone who is looking to join the reborn doll hobby or ball jointed doll hobby. For the most part, this will be a personal outlet for me to ramble on about the things I obsess over and love!

If you did not know it already, I also host a reborn doll channel on YouTube. Click the links throughout my blog to visit. On my reborn doll channel, I feature information videos for newcomers, doll unboxing debuts, hauls and much more! This year, I plan to introduce other fun videos like role playing and reborn doll meet ups. I'm so happy and can't wait to get started. I'd also like to host a giveaway at some point, but you will be sure to know it! You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date when that happens.

Thanks for stopping by!